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i have fungus gnats a whole slew of them.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bigtoke24, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. im in my 5th week of flower indoors and im wondering if its safe to spray fox farm dont bug me spray directly on the buds and leaves.
    what should i do
  2. fungus gnats have larvea that eat roots....are you growing hydro or soil?
  3. shit really ahh. im growing in soil. well the plants arent looking to have any problems so i hope everythings ok.
    do u think its ok to use the spray
  4. Im sure it is but what Im saying is the gnats wont harm the buds...the larvea harm the roots...they lay eggs in rotting and decomposing materials in your soil...

    Id use soem sticky traps and catch as many mature flying gnats as possible...let your soil dry out and you will notice alot of them start flying because the larvea have nowhere to live in a dry non fungus area.

    next time around look into nematoads...they are micro organisms that eat the larvea and do not harm your plants.

    lady bugs and stick traps will help kill flying adults
  5. o great thanks alot man
    i have glue traps for mice all over the place and i caught prolly 1600 of em
    i have this fox farm dont bug me spray and im just wondering how i can use this to kill them
    i also have sm-90 but it doesnt seem to have any effect on them
  6. theres a bunch of us that have been trying to wipe them out for years...

    The nematoads are the key i think because theyre living subsurface preditors that activley seek out the larvea and kill and eat them.

    The gnats wont hurt your buds anymore than they already have...if your going to be finished soon Id hold off and keep your buds clean...Ive never tried the fox farms bugg off but I wont even put dishwater or pesticides near somthing that I am going to be burning and inhaling...just doesnt sound right ya know.

    one this batch is done however, Id really wipe these things out and apply the nematoads into the soil next time...

    dont overwater or leave dead growth around because thats what they love
  7. thanks ill do that
    but wut can i do to whipe out the gnat larvae do u think they'll do any real damage since im a few eeks away
  8. they cant do more than they have...youll be cool...keep em pure and get them cut when they are done...just put up with the gnats for now and fight them below the dirt next time....Id order some nematoads for your local garden store soon
  9. yea thanks aot man i looked into nematodes and ima deff buy them for my next grow cuz ima buy some fem seeds and have a nice little patch
  10. cool good luck man...shoot me a PM of your grow
  11. I have been using gnatrol and it seems to really help. Its some type of bacteria that gets into the larvae and causes them to die from starvation or something like that. At least I have really noticed the amount of flying ones have decreased since using this product.
  12. ive read that you can cut raw potatoes into slices and place them on the top of your soil. what that will do is attract the larve and they will stick to the potato, thenyou just flush those down the toilet. another thing you can do is add about 1/4 in of sand to your buckets, the sand naturally drys out faster than soil and the gnats cant live where its dry so they wont like being there.
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    i got a cat and haven't a mouse since, alive. get rid of the poison first or it will kill the cat or dog or kid...
    as has been said, the larvae do the damage. the adults don't even feed, their job is to alert you that you have them and annoy the hell out of you. spraying the plant won't do any good. does the can say "safe for human consumption"? otherwise, don't use it on buds anyway.
    try neem oil mixed with water and a bit of dawn soap instead of water for the soil. the larvae can do a lot of damage quickly. neem will cause the little bastards to forget to eat and they will DIE. i just noticed a few this morning when i went out very early. isolate the infested plants too. my garage is being used for that now. good-luck. j
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    I grow sundews now in small pots with my medical garden, they are so irresistible to gnats and thrips and they are carnivorous. Also I noticed a few adults, I let my soil dry out to have a crust on top, then with the shop vac, I scraped with the vacuum nozzle the 1st 1/8th to 1/4 in of soil off the top. Microwaved the soil I had collected in the shop vac then added the soil to my currently cooking organic tote. Sundews grow using the same soil mix as you use for your babies. They need no dormancy period either, and grow fine in either the veg or flower cycles. They also produce seeds so you can grow your carnivorous plant garden further.
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    microwaving is a great idea. i'd had problems last year so didn't allow any soil in the house without wetting it down and nuking this winter but that was just little cups for seeds. i'm in the greenhouse now so that isn't an option. j

    edited to add- just looked it up and geraniums, lavender, mexican marigold and lemon thyme repel gnats. it won't help with the larvae but might get rid of the adults getting rid of future larvae. might be nice in my greenhouse too...
  16. Water in BT at 1-2 tablespoons per gal of water and if you feel the need top dress
    With DE after

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