I have five days to make $300.00

Discussion in 'General' started by xcraighebert, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Long story short, I owe someone $400.00 and I need to have the money by Wednesday.
    There is no way I can negotiate the date being pushed back either. I cant use any of my
    paycheck to go towards it as I have bills to pay. I saved up $108 towards the $400 but
    still need to come up with $300. Any ideas on how I can get the money?
  2. Pawn stuff, donate plasma, beg and borrow from friends...uh, I dunno.
  3. rob the elderly.
    buy some coke...sell some crack.
  4. Become a stripper?
  5. never on front
    never on front

    dont smoke a damn blunt

    cuz you got it on da front
  6. I thought I could pay it back, that is until someone stole my product.
  7. Oh, I already have two of those. :)
    Btw, before you get banned, you cant post pictures of guns here.
    Just a heads up.
  8. cant you donate sperm for like 30 dollars?

    i feel like ive heard about it before.

    i'd check into it if i was you, you could donate like 2 times a day easy, thts 60 bucks. so 60x5 300 bucks
  9. no guns?!?

    a shame
  10. Don't tell him to deal, guys. That's against the rules to talk about.
  11. for shame.
  12. omfg u get paid for beating ur meat!!!!!!
    My whole world just changed!!!!!
  13. Well I checked for plasma centers around me, and there isn't any, so scratch that idea.
    I think I might have to pawn my recording equipment and my camera. Sucks to be me.
    Both of which combine for a total of $800 dollars. $500 studio, 300 camera. How much
    should I ask for both? They are both in mint condition.
  14. Pawning means you can get it back. I know it's not much of a condolence, but it's true.

    The Hempress warned already against talk about dealing, but there is a lot of sideways talk in here about it. If you don't clean it up, the thread's getting deleted. -Trikky
  15. Get a loan.

    Suck some schlong.

    You can make $300 easy if you go dong suckin'.

    Guess it really comes down to how bad you need that money. ;)
  16. Dude, without any kind of positive buzz on the street he is not going to be pulling down that kind of dough
  17. Until he eats his first nut.

    Then he'll be a legend
  18. That would show some initiative, you're right
  19. Ahaha, hilarious.

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