I have done so much more research here is a list of supplies im buying and have a few Qs. Advice needed

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  1. Ok so I have been reading and reading and rreeeeeaaaddiinnn...zzzzzzzz :smoking: 
    And I have a few things i'm going to get to start my first grow (well second really) I have been growing a bag seed plant for a test run/experience.
    But I wanted to get some good seeds from Herbie's and wanted more of a Sativa high and was looking at heavyweight fruit punch for my next grow! Anybody have input on this strain?
    But I wanted to set up my closet grow using CFL's first before I get the seeds so here is what I have in my head of what to buy and I will have questions under the ones i'm inquiring about so here wew go!
    Using CFL's I have 4, 23 actual watt bulbs 6500K for Veg and bump it up to 2700K for Flower. Using 24/7 lighting for Veg then go 12/12 on a timer for Flower using the 2700K
    Q: Does this sound good? or should I use HPS/MH bulbs (I am not an electrician so wiring the ballast makes me nervous) or will the CFL do the job for som big nice frosty buds?
    Q: What kind of reflector hoods would you recoomend? I was thinking about going and getting the circular ones from Lowe's.
    Grow Medium:
    Soil- Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    Q: which size bag? I am growing no more than 3 plants at a time.
    Nutrients: Fox Farm trio- Tiger Bloom,Grow Big, and Big Bloom
    Q: When adding Nutrients to H2O do you water the plant with the entire GALLON of the nutrients? And will the directions give me a feeding schedule to know what fertilizer to use, and when during the different stages?
    Containers: I was wondering if I need to start small and move up? What size's should I use for each stage? Could I use one pot for the entire grow?
    PH: Fox Farm Ocean Forest is already set correct? So would I need to check PH of my water or soil? Or both? What PH tester do you reccomend for this? I will be buying all of this online anyway.
    I have reflective paper surrounding my closet right now, and I have a fan. So I need a thermometer/hydrometer, correct? Any recomendations on which to buy?
    These are my main questions I have right now, but please feel free to enlighten me on anything I missed, which obviously I have these were just some of the Q's I didn't want to overload it, I really appreciate the time guy and gals. Cheers! :bongin:

  2. How big is your grow room? That is important to know to tell you if the lights are enough. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. It's a tall closet. 2' deep 39" wide and about 12' tall
  4. I dont think thats enough light for big plants. You may need to look into more cfls or get a hps or mh light in that closest. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. I think a 400 watt will suit ur needs better then cflsSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Could I run a 400W HPS without a ballast? Would that suit my needs through the flowering or would I need another one? Thanks for the help!
  7. No you cant just do that u need a ballast and you csn buy a 400 watt for a 100 bucks. And you will need a cool tube for that light and a inline fan with a filter to clean the air from stink. You will have to cut a hole or find a way to get the old air out of that room and get clean cooler air in. Take some time and go from there. You need to read moreSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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