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  1. I have a space in my closet, and I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to grow in this space but any sort of advice is really helpful. All I need it to be given a few good tips before I get started.

    The space is 44"H x 40"D x 65"L. My main area of concern is the Height. I understand there are specific strains that grow smaller than others. I was personally thinking of starting off with "Lowryder 2", and grow from seed to bud. I have looked into LST, but that seems a little overwhelming, however that doesn't mean I can't learn.

    I was also planning on Floros and CFLs. I have a 4' fixture with the chrome reflectors holding five 4ft. bulbs. It says "max 65w" but I believe that is per bulb, as this is a commercial lighting fixture. If this seems like over kill, I can use regular CFLs. Anyways, give me a few tips if you have anything to share; I like to do shit right the first time.
  2. 400 watt bulb/ cooltube / 6inch ducting/ 6 inch booster fan/ oscilatting fan for movement/
  3. Your best bet is definitely lsting. It's not very complicated at all. Try reading these two guides!


    And lowryders are probably your best bet. As soon as they start getting too tall, just start flowering them because plants grow 1/2-2/3 their size during flowering!


    besides that, it sounds like a nice closet grow and i've heard many people with similar dimensions end up with fine plants. you should take a look through the indoor journals for people who have similar situations as yourself. Good luck!
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    Alright guys, I'm thinking I'm going to go with diesel Ryder, which I am told has a very heavy smell. What are the best practical methods at reducing/eliminating the smell?

    My three biggest issues are heat levels, Proper air circulation, and smell. Thoughts?
  5. Both problems can be improved with good ventilation and a carbon filter on said ventilation.
  6. hey man great idea, everyone should grow!!! yes you have plenty of space to produce enough to get a moderate stoner high all the time. hight is an issue, but just grow an indica dominate strain, personally i dont prefer auto flower strains because you have to set your schedule to the plant, most other strains you can set to your own schedule. compact flourecents are a good idea in a closet because they produce less heat than hid bulbs, i belive the "max 65" rating reffers to the cfl light lumen ourput in relation to an incandecant. go to home depot an buy a large cfl light at least 65 watts prefferably 125watts or higher (you prob wont find it at home depot) the light will probably be bigger than four inches. lose the "dome" reflector and hang it horizonally. heat will build up in a small closet so you want plenty of ventilation, get a small blower fan and set the vent right next to the lights run it to the fan and then out of the closet. if your worried about smell you can add a small filter to the vent at its intake, though they can get pricey. all you need for an intake is a small hole that directs air tward the base of where plants will grow. make sure to build light traps at all openings for steath and so ambient light wont affect the plants light cycle. paint walls flat white, or hang reflective mylar, aluminum foil and mirrors work porly for reflecting light. start with good soil, i reccommend purchasing sterile loamy soil with a ph of 7 that does not contain any nutrients, in a small closet like yours i wouldnt go beyond three gal pots depending on how many plants you grow, you could grow one large plant and continuously top it and bend it back to fill the entire space or you could grow twenty small plants that creat a canopy, you may be best trying a screen of green method, but know you will have moderate yealds with a cfl light, you might want a high pressure sodium for flowering. water with a complete hydroponic fertilizer once a week and with water every time else, make sure to flush your plants once a month, there are a million things to mention and a million ways to do it, you should youtube "closet grows" and "cfl grows" stuff like that when you see health plants check out there set up. youll probably want to buy a good grow book, and a reference book for nutrient deficentcies, pest, and desises, prevention is key here. growing weed can be hard but keeping plants happy is rather easy, just listen to them they will tell you if they dont like what your doing. and dont do anything irrational. if pouring some magic powder on your plant would make it produce pounds overnight belive me the world would know, if it sounds far fetched it probably is but if you keep it simple youll find all of a sudden pounds do shoot up seemingly overnight

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