I have decided to build my own tent.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by I have this, May 23, 2010.

  1. I already have a 20"x36"x60" from HTG and I want bigger. So I am thinking I can do this pretty simply and get a great result.

    Right now it's in the tumble in my head stage. But I will use this thread to both update progress and hopefully get some suggestions and/or "lessons learned".

    My thought right now is PVC frame, black/white poly cover, Velcro fasteners.

    I have not drawn it up yet, but I plan on having supports placed in specific places for mounting of fans and lights. I am also going to try and make it as expandable as possible. Perhaps with several inline T fittings to accommodate future PVC supports.

    All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :wave: :smoking:

    It is also my intention to either invest in a digital camera other than my i phone or figure out how to clear the i phone pictures of sensitive data, so don't worry this wont always be all text.
  2. What do you think about blackout curtain as the material? Or would the cost of that off-set the benefit of DIY?
  3. pvc frame is the way to go, I build my 7X7X7 foot grow room with PVC from home depot that cost me like 25 bucks. Not a bad price for a grow room frame.

    blackout curtain would be too expansive IMO but not sure what would be the right choice, I had some thick ass strengthened poly in my garage that I used for my room, not the best, but it works for now.
  4. Are you thinking panda plastic on the outside? are you trying to incorporate mylar? how many fans? I'm gonna subscribe and throw some ideas around, as I'm in the process of planning a DIY 4x8 tent myself. LETS MAKE SOMETHING SICK!!! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  5. Yea panda film is the way I am leaning. I dont see any reason for mylar. I plan on ventilating it the same way I do my htg tent, except probably go with all 6" for the blower and carbon. Right now I am tossing sort an overlap on the sides for intake and light trap.

    I am also thinking about trying to make it modular, so it would be expandable, stackable, etc.

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