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  1. look up the death rate numbers. they are incredibly low for people under 40 and slowly go up and up for older age ranges.

    but elderly people and people with underlying issues can be very susceptible to it.
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  2. I live in NYC, the epicenter of COVID-19, under lockdown where we have 10X the amount of cases than the next highest state. We need 30,000 respirators, to save lives of those who are at high risk, who will contract the disease. When it is over in NYC, it is likely that other states will have to go through what we are experiencing. That being said, I personally, don't know a single person who has a confirmed case, yet. I saw my doctor last week, and he hadn't seen a case, among his patients, yet.

    Lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan will be lifted April 8th, 2020. They have been under lockdown for two months. IMHO, we may not have the level of compliance in America, that China does, so our lockdowns may last longer.
  3. Seems to be changing in the US though. In LA As of Monday, 415 of the 516 cases confirmed by the agency — about 80% — were between the ages of 18 and 65. And 217 of the total cases — approximately 42% — are people between the ages of 18 and 40.
  4. I know four that have it in my little mountain town. :(
  5. Sorry to hear that. I almost wished I lived in the mountains in upstate NY, where my family came from, but I guess that's not so great either.

    It's expected to peak in NYC, the current epicenter, in two weeks. We're very used to handling major crisis' here, and we'll survive.
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  6. Im in denver, they shutting it down in a hr. The one time im gonna get a vacation im considered essiential or some shit.
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  7. Ouch! We have quite a few here but its fairly large. Take care and be safe!!!
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  8. anybody can get the virus. young, old, doesnt matter. but the death rates are only worrisome for those who are older or have underlying conditions.

    also those numbers they throw out there to scare you are misleading. 40% sounds like a big number right? but if 40% of people who got it are 40 and under, then that means 60% who got it are 40 and older.

    see what i mean?
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  9. Yooo, u alive dog? U feel alright? That's scary shit bro they just shut down our whole state over here in the US. 21 deaths in this state so far.

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  10. How’s everything going? 5FC63CB8-B2D3-4F45-A4D3-693F277FA3BA.jpeg
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  11. Get well soon Bud!
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  12. House up the street has home made Quarantined do not enter sign on their front door .
    He Is the neighborhood Meth dealer ,,always has allot of homeless or people who are wired at his house ...
    He got out of hospital about a week ago .
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  13. Yup...told her a week ago but since then we fighted a lot and as of today we broke up :(

    This coming Thursday guys I have to go to the hospital so I can get tested again after the incubation period and see if I still have it in my system...Im feeling good with no harsh symptoms...Im praying to God the coronavirus test on Thursday turns out negative so this mental suffering ends. My friend that catched the coronavirus the same day as me (we both didnt have any secondary diseases or anyhting... both healthy af) is now on reanimation...she is dying..they told me she has a hard time breathing and am expecting the worse rn :( I dont want her to die...she is just only 23
  14. That is very sad sorry to hear about your friend, let’s throw her some prayers guys.

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  15. I bet you will be fine. It's been 20 days since you wrote this post so I image you will not get any worse. Feeling bad for your friend.
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  16. I'm so sorry for you and your friend, I hope she recovers :(
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  17. Hey, Buddy , how are Yuu holding up ? Yuu good ??
  18. This does not surprise me. I haven't been tested, but have a very strong feeling, in my bones, that I've already had Covid-19, pre-lockdown, about six or seven weeks ago. I didn't suspect at the time, that some mild problems I was having, and my wife had some other problems, were probably from it. If this is as bad as it gets, compared to the regular flu, for me at least, it was a piece of cake. If I had a job, I definitely could have handled going to work with it as the gastric upset and very mild feeling in my lungs were not enough to warrant calling in sick.

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