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I have been smoking for quite some time but i still look like a begginer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kingofmyself, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. So yhea i have been smoking for the past 3 years, but every time i smoke i get dry mouth, my eyes close, and/or get very red, im a dead give away. Now i know depends from person to person, but why my tollerance is so low after so many years?
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    Tolerance doesn't mean those things you describe. I've been smoking for a long time and everytime I've smoked, I get dry mouth (cotton mouth) every single time and that's why I always have a drink on me when I know I'm about to smoke. So that is normal, red eye's depends on the person, I've never gotten red eye's from smoking but if I eat an edible my eyes get blood shot red. Your eye's close probably cause your tired from smoking throughout the day or it could be your weed is indica which makes you tired. Tolerance means how much you smoke at a time/during the day, like if I need to smoke 5 to 10 blunts in a day, then my tolerance is high as opposed to smoking only 1-2 blunts in a day then my tolerance is low cause it takes less smoke to get me high throughout the day. 
  3. Ive been smoking pretty heavy for 5 years and on and off another 8. I still get cotton mouth, red eye, I squint, and get the munchies still. Some weed is worse than others. Some I can smoke and be high all day and people can't tell. Just depends. I know it comes down to THC, CBD, ect. but I've noticed indicas give me more of the "stoner look" and sativas I can be fine. Just something I noticed dunno if it's science or not.
  4. Yup I've been smoking on and off for over 30 yrs and I still get the dry mouth and munchies, lol it's a real mind set and mind game to avoid eating after a good rage but it is possible and if you're watching your weight it's probably abit easier !! Keep on Smoking Stoners and peace from Australia ;)

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  5. these are symptoms of weed, everybody gets this
  6. That and an empty fridge.
  7. true that!
  8. It used to equal a sink full of dishes for me.
  9. its ironic that you say that, i just installed a dish washer yesterday, my suggestion to you sir, get paper plates plastic cups utensils, lol :p back in my college days thats what i did
  10. Don't worry about it.
    I've been smoking for 11 years, there was a time.. about five years in a row.. I smoked non stop at least 5 grams a day and if you'd look at me you couldn't tell I was high, but when I smoke 2 joints now I'm flying high and look stoned like it's my first joint.

    Bottomline; just enjoy!

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  11. ^Indeed, enjoy
  12. Been smoking 4 years, I get likevthat sometimes. Other times I'm stoned, you can't really tell.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  13. I smoke every time, all the time and if I get good weed it still makes my eyes red. Only in the evening though, I can get as blitzed as I want during the day and nobody seems to notice/care.

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