I have been having unprotected sex with my girlfriend.. now im worried

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  1. Hi fellow stoners,
    I posted a thread back in Aug/Sept about this girl which i madly liked and she turned me down back then but now I am in a relationship with her after working on it for about 4 months, shes had a hard life so a lot of things were complicated. Anyway back on track, i have been having sex with her a lot recently, i had unprotected sex with her 5 times before she came on her period and now ive had sex with her 7-10 times unprotected also, and not going into much detail i cum up her over 10 times. This is very very stupid and I told her this has to stop but I can't get her pregnant. She's going on the pill but I am hoping to fuck it;s not to late. I am only 18 and 19 in a few months and can't believe how stupid I have been about it, I lost my virginity to her also not to long ago. I need someone to speak to as I don't want to speak to friends/family as I don't want anything getting out as of yet:( man why did i smoke my last joint  hours ago :(

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  4. So you were bussin nuts and she's not on the bc yet?  :hello:  :laughing:
  5. keep your fingers crossed dawgg

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  6. Basically
  7. that's pretty fucking dumb man
  8. Unless one of you is infertile, then you've probably knocked her up.
    You're a stupid, stupid boy.
  9. Yes thank you for pointing the obvious, I knew it was stupid and I can't change what I have done but hope for the best and not do the same again
  10. You're stupid as shit...what reason did you have to not use condoms.
  11. She has a allergic  reaction when using the condom and I did not realize I think it's the latex can I buy different ones? I did have some on me but we could not use it
  12.  There is a point before and after the period that you can cum inside her and she wont be fertile but shit man its risky as all hell, there are condoms you can get tho, for now stick to oral i guess
  13. Thank you it's good to get some proper advise lol. I have made it clear that we will have to wait till she goes on the pill which is this month till we can have sex without a condom, untill then I will have to look into them condoms, thanks.
  14. just follow up with pregnancy tests daily... ive bust my nut in girls hundreds of times. i only managed to get a few knocked up(abortion)

    its true that marijuana lowers your chance of  getting a girl pregnant, and i can vow for it, i sound like a complete dumbass lol but youll be fine kid. keep toking :smoking:
  15. Just fuck her in the mouth. Problem solved (unless she's already preggo, then yer screwed for life)
  16. Pull out at least?
  17. im assuming spermicidal lube and a quick google search of non latex condoms/alternatives would have been better than what happened. Hope it all works out for you bud, if it does, congrats, I think you just lived a lot of guys dreams :p
  18. You're dumb, kid. I really hope she's not pregnant too because clearly you're unprepared to handle that.
    If you can't wait for the tide to flow back in and you need the peace of mind right now, buy a pregnancy test and ask her to take it. They can often detect it long before the period (or lack thereof) will.
  19. You need to figure a pull out method and hope she gets her period bro!
  20. All I can say is, good luck with your bundle of joy in 9 months! :D

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