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I have an ounce of dank...tell me what to do with it

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by earthquake, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I got a QP of some really good shit a couple days ago...I'm keeping two ounces. I decided that I'm going to keep an ounce of it to play with, meaning making into qwiso or bho or edibles...I'm really open to anything. Usually I just smoke but I'm looking to expand my repertoire. I'm not quite sure what's the best way to ration everything off. I was hoping that the vast knowledge of GC could help me decide what to do with it.

  2. make some brownies, qwiso hash, then i would make some butter, and whatever you have left after that try making some thc pills....
  3. just smoke it. if you mess up cooking it, you'll have an ounce of wasted weed.
  4. And if he doesn't screw up cooking he will be high for weeks. :ey:
  5. smoke and enjoy, don't waste dank on cooking
  6. I don't smoke enough to really use the full two I was kind of looking forward to trying new ways to enjoy my weed.
  7. Brownies man I've always wanted to make brownies there are some recipes and shit for canabutter.
  8. #8 gnarlyguy, Feb 14, 2009
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    then why would u buy so much weed? eyes got too big for your lungs?

    watever, just cook it, but be really careful of the temperature, and if you fcuk it up, don't come back crying.

    by the way, use a stove (NOT A MICROWAVE!!!) keep it (wayyyy) under 350 F, and cook it in butter or something dairy, cuz otherwise the THC won't be activated.

    edit: in fact, instead of cooking with it, just use hashmouf's cannabutter recipe guide, and put the butter on stuff.
  9. I got an awesome hookup...I couldn't say no at the time and now I have alot more weed than I'm used to having. I could put it in a mason jar and just save it until I run out again but where's the fun in that...besides I was just looking for ideas.
  10. then go for it, all i'm saying is be careful, read the guide carefully, don't fcuk it up and....

    have fun!!
  11. besides making it the wrong way and losing dank, the only problem i have had with THC food is that it tastes better and better the more you eat. then pretty soon you forget that you've eaten it and you eat more, then you pass out... that's prety much how it goes.

    ...then 11 days later you come down and think "...WTF..." :smoking:
  12. take 14 grams and make some cannabutter and then use the cannabutter to make brownies, and the other 14 grams to make hash ^.^ do whatever you want man.
  13. To be honest if it is really dank you could probably designate a quarter for each process you wanted to try. There are guides for all of them on here. If it were me I would put a half oz. to BHO and a quarter each on edibles and qwiso.
  14. sorry for the triple post but if you don't mind me asking, how much u pay for a QP?
  15. most people that want edibles and have a large amount of weed, make cannabutter. this is what you should do with a atleast half of it. then after you can make anything from fried eggs to putting it on bread to __________ (wat u like hurrr)
  16. Give it to the homeless.
  17. toke it to the dome:smoke:
  18. Hmmm... I would def. bake brownies. I made some the other day, used 3g of mids in half a batch. but i think that either I did not simmer the oil w/ the weed long enough, or maybe i burnt it too much/temp was too high, or the weed was just not strong enough.

    So I def. wanna try makin those brownies againnn. My friend Steve said that u should use the strongest stuff u have for cooking, he has used res balls in brownies... but my other friend Mindy says i shouldnt use the dro we get from her dealer b/c its too fiery and would be too strong.
    Personally, I think she wants it to just be smoked, as it is her "special" cxn... idk. Is there a such thing as weed being "too strong" for brownies? Wouldnt you just use less?
  19. ^^
    dumbass, you use more bud

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