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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 27, 2004.


    you click close and 2 more appear. i got attacked!
  2. that's why i turn popups off. ahh, free porn... saves me so much money.
  3. I have my pop ups turned off as well :D
  4. i mean the windows, my last pop up stopper got taken when my pc need to be rebooted
  5. What browser or navigator do you have??

    You should be able to turn the pop ups off..
  6. normal windows one
  7. I switched to Mozilla Firebird and never looked back.

  8. ok, your pop-ups are off.... but what about your porn?
    an, i don't get pop ups either... i'd also suggest everyone to switch thier web browser from Microsoft internet explorer to Mozilla fire bird... so much better :)
  9. or learn that the more pr0n sites you go to, the more pr0n pop ups there will be that stay on your computer.

    What you need to do is run through and uninstall everything that's not supposed to be on there. Check your task manager and processes to figure out what's being run. Delete your cookies, too. I've stopped porn pop-ups for some of my friends that "don't look at porn." The funny thing is, if you don't look at porn, you don't get porn pop-ups.
  10. no these porn ads are on a online games site, thats where they hide, so i shorted cutted the page, worked so far
  11. mmm porn... :D
  12. might i suggest toolbar.google.com

    it's the BEST popup vlocker in the world. just check it out. you'll see. i'd support it more but i just woke up and i'm about to go blaze. got the week off from school. :)

  13. Use kazaa for porn.
  14. i just went to a site and i dl a file... and now i get next to no popups, not even going to porn i was getting a popup ever few seconds.. like ever 30 sec, all kinda, not just porn but casino, penis enlargement, smilies, everything!!! and i got rid of them all, but before i post the link im going to wait a while to be pretty sure i dont got a virus
  15. want the biggest list of free porn ever?? (at least like 3 million sites haha) PM me n i'll hook u up wit tha link.

    and for popup blockers, i got aol 9.0, i havent got a popup since i've had it.

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