I have an idea for an iphone app --- how do i start gettin paid?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazedandcrazed, May 23, 2010.

  1. ive never touched an iphone in my life but i saw something the other day that gave me an idea for one. how do i start raking in loot from my genius.
  2. Design your application. You have to programme it yourself I believe, or pay someone to programme it. Then you send it in to itunes, they'll take a fee and ship you any gold that comes your way.
  3. Tell me what it is and I'll take care of the rest. ;)

  4. You might wanna check and see if anyone else has come up with the same thing. Go on the iTunes app store and look around for somthing like it
  5. Things to take into account

    1) The vast majority of the apps in the appstore never get over 100 downloads.
    2) Someone probably has already done it under a different name than you are searching.
    3) You are going to have to pay someone to program it, then comes the risk b/c there's no guarantee of making money.
    4) Your app might get the first 10 reviews as 1 star and no one will buy your app even if it's amazing. When's the last time you bought or even downloaded a free app with 1 star?


    If you make it onto the top 25, expect $8k+ depending on your game. That 32 in 1 game app has roughly 1.6m downloads they claim.

  6. its not a game its a tool i guess you would call it.

  7. well....explain what it is.
  8. well i saw a thing about another app on tv. an app called 'grinder'. thats what inspired my idea

    i wont explain what 'grinder' is but for those of you who know what it is ill tell you its MEANS are similar to grinder but its ENDS are very very very very different
  9. Don't do it man, you can basicly spot the coders in this thread from comments like this...Itching to fire up thier IDE's and beat you to the punch ;)

  10. oh yeah because thats totally what i was going to do:rolleyes:

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