I have acquired 9 different grow lights, curious about opinions on best use for them

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by semperbeast666, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. OK, over the past few months I've acquired the following lights:
    Two Quantum Badboy T5 8 bulb units with Bloom lights.
    One Sunlight Supply 250Watt HPS all in one unit.
    One 400Watt HPS in Cooltube with digital ballast.
    One 900Watt Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar LED light.
    Three 240 Watt Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar LED light.
    One 130 Watt Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar UFO LED light.

    Looking to use all of them for flowering, as I already have T5's and CFL's set up for my vegging in a separate room.

    Any ideas or opinions on what size of room this will cover? How many plants would thrive under all these lights? Am I being silly using so many different types of lights????

    Any input is helpful and welcome.
  2. 4ft T5 or 2ft?
  3. 4ft T5's with 8 bulbs each.
  4. boy, that's a lot of lights! right now, i'm using a 400 watt for 4 plants. what you use and how many depends on how large a footprint you need. i.e. how many plants, how much space they take up.
  5. Beast: For what it's worth, of all the ones you mentioned my favorites are the T-5's. I use them from seed sprouting to harvest and so far so good. Hank
  6. I have 600W lumatek (with Digilux bulbs) -very good ,quality light .
    I just got 900W Black Star Led, can not say anything good or bad yet , I just started my journal .
  7. I love the T5's too. My first grow (and I'm only on my third right now) was strictly with the Quantum Badboy T5's. Had a lot of people impressed with the nugs from that grow.
    Have just come across a lot of really sweet deals on other lights and kind of want to experiment with them. All the Blackstars I got at a third of web prices, so was worth it to give them a try.
    I think I'm going to take out my two tents from my spare room (11x10) and just hang all the lights from the ceiling in some kind of nice ordered "chaos".LOL. Make the whole room a flower room.
  8. How many plants are gonna be put under that incredibly large amount of light?
  9. Well, I was hoping to get about 8 to 10 good sized plants. I wonder if I've gone overboard with the light purchases. It's just always hard to pass up on super deals. LOL
    But now I have a few other problems to figure out. My spare room can handle 1800 Watts of load (recommended around 1440) and I have much more than that with all the lights and fans. Need to use a few extension cords from other rooms to make sure everything is safe.
  10. Oh, my current room is about 11x10 and I have two 4.5x4.5x7 foot tents side by side for flowering. Considering just ditching the tents and using the whole room as a flower room and hanging the lights from the ceiling.
    Any thoughts?
  11. Yeah just go with the whole room. That kind of light would probly melt your tent anyway...
  12. Definitely use the tents for clones and vegging in another area if possible. Roughly it sounds like all those should provide all the lumens you need in a 10 X 11 room for wall to wall flower power. An odd combination but some sensible configuration ought be possible. 8 to 10 good sized (4-6 oz or slightly more ea.) plants should fit in there without problems.

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