I have a WORKING Feral Hog deterrent...

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  1. .. That would suck to die at your plot cause you got ambushed by a bunch of wild hogs.

    Id jump in a tree.... and poop :p
  2. I had boar once and it was finger licking good. There are no boar in the UK, but there are farms that raise wild boar, the meat sells for a premium price.

  3. well i think i might start trapin the ones meesin with, and ship them your way for some extra cash, oh and yes they are very good, a wild one has a real nice gamey flavor, and if you pin them up for about a month and feed them nothing but corn, that will alter the taste of the meat little, but alot of those wild ones are very lean animals, so i thinks thats why they taste so good.
  4. I don't know how ANYBODY would be able to get away from this one:

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    That is some scary shit man. My place is full of wild boar. They scare the shit out of me but never charged me yet and run away. They never ate my crops when they could have. I guess the human smell scares them (they are hunted here too). And they probably don't eat grass. Is that an "American hog" or something on the pic LF (unbelievabe size: 150 kgs?...)? Or an ancient prehistorical species?. I don't think the ones here are that big but some are big and mean m-fers for sure if you get in there way. I once saw one in broad daylight in a very hot Summer day when no one was out there and I was in my spot (before becoming an all night grower lol). I thought it was a dog first (it was 50ft away) but it wasn't: I was so surprised to see one at that time of the d.ay At night, I make noise in bushes just in case especially in new spots. But they run off before I get to them. Some strange type of bird gives me the creeps too as it sounds just like an old witch in a horror movie (screeching sound). Haha. After a few times, you get used to all these animals: it is their home after all.:hello:

  6. It was shot in Louisiana.
  7. Unf-enbelievable.:eek:

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