I have a WORKING Feral Hog deterrent...

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    OK I can keep this somewhat short because it is really simple.

    A few months ago I came across this place out in the sticks TORN UP by feral hogs. And I mean turned upside down and inside out. It looked like a Sherman Tank had made a few on the spot turns. (just like in the random picture below)

    Every time I returned there were fresh tracks so the hogs kept coming back...

    I figured that place would be a good site to try out an idea I had when talking to hunters in the area who were asking me not to walk around in the area where they had spread out some feed to lure the hogs.
    Playing dumb I asked them what those hogs wouldn't like about me walking around there and the hunters replied it would be "the human smell they associate with danger".

    From now on it gets interesting. Don't continue or complain in this tread if you have a weak stomach,


    So about a month ago (and a few times after) when I went back to that place I took a dump (yes really!) right in the middle of where the hogs liked to dig. I took a stick and put some of the turd on surrounding trees to make sure the smell would be spread evenly.

    The hogs never returned and everything there remained untouched since!

    It's that simple!

  2. Hahahahahaha I'm just imaging one of those hunters wandering in on you taking a fat dump right where they told you not to go. +rep

    Is that picture really of ground turned up from tank tracks?
  3. Yo, leap,
    Where you at that you have to worry about hogs?
  4. Wild hogs are finger licking good, IMHO.
  5. Yea that is the main problem in my area is the animals we have deer and hogs and goats and all kind of shit around here. I knew a guy that use to hang pots and pans from trees so when the wind blew they would bang together and scare the animals off. I know that might sound crazy but around here we dont worry too much about ppl finding our crops too much everybody has a hundred acres of woods in there backyard.

  6. No it is a real and true pic showing Feral Hogs having turned the area upside down!
    It looks just like the area I was talking about in my OP.
  7. HAHAHAH Thats fuckin hillarious dude. And a good idea :p. I cant +rep you or i would.

    Think pee would work? Works with other animals :p. But yeah, the turds a nice solid, extra smelly deterrent, and wont wash away with rain. Ile bet it works with all animals. Ima keep a roll of toilet paper on me this season:cool:
  8. you should probaly pick up some marking flags so you can rember where you shit, dont want to take the wrong steps if you know what i mean............. TURDMASTER 9000

  9. Haha well not really, about 1 week and you can't even find them anymore! They get all dried up and shrivel away.
  10. a knife will quickly and effectively solve the hog problems AND make lots of sausages
  11. Lol, theres always someone that says to resort to killing the animals XD.

    Well eating them would be good, but its not like hes gonna slaugher a hurd of wild hogs and make mass sausages lol.

  12. Lol, that and, it would draw a bit of attention :p. What would those hunters think when they found some shits with marking flags in um :p.

    "Yeah must be the hogs.... Is that weed?!"
  13. i have had to gut and clean a few hogs on my own, and trust me i would rather scare them them shoot them,bc the wild ones stink like rotten asshole, and thats usaly one of my first cuts i have to make to skin it, what leap is doin is great idea, considering i was having a huge hog problem last summer...
  14. I dont know if that's true in all cases,in some countries a hog will eat shit and anything from clothes to human garbage and some cases have been recorded of eating humans no bullshit!
  15. All of the above IS true but only occurs if and when the hogs have nothing else to eat.
    The ones around here live in their natural environment with plenty to eat and are the happiest creatures around...:)
  16. first hand damage, in the pic, they ate right through a piece of black irragaition line.
  17. If you can hunt feral hogs with a knife your a bigger man than me. Hogs will tear your shit up. Hog hunting can be dangerous even with a rifle.
  18. Yeah you gotta have balls and know what you are doing to beat a wild Boar with a knife...

    The below will slice you right open and have you for dinner.
    (well not that one anymore...lol)

  19. Jump on one with a knife if you want to ! haha. We train Pits for about 2 years before we even think about putting one on a full grown hog around here those things are mean as hell and they can tear some shit up quck!
  20. thats how its done down here with pitbulls with vests to protect them..
    . n you cant knife a hog with a knife alone...
    . you would never catch it on your own..
    you'd need som dogs.. and between the dogs barkin and the pig squeelin.. you might as well just shoot it.....

    maybe your talking about knifing pigs at the pig farm?:wave:

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