I have a thing for COUGARS

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  1. The last chick I did was 34 and had 3 young kids. The one before that was 42 and had 3 kids, all of
    Them older than me. I work in a high cougar traffic zone, the next one is going to be 58. I'm meeting up with her at her place for Halloween wine and spaghetti in a few hours.

    She is a grandma. I'm going to do it for mankind blades, I just pray her vagina doesn't smell like the great depression.
  2. You're one of the brave few, venturing into the unknown. A true hero of humanity.

    Good luck, soldier, don't get lost in there.

    But seriously. Milfs are awesome.
  3. Go get her, speed racer.

  4. How old are you man?
  5. Her pussy lips are going to melt on your cawk. That granny juice will stain your cawk forever!!
  6. You shall be a legend.
  7. meh i like em young man just my thing 18 will be my deadline till im dead
  8. see if you can unlock the mystery hole
  9. Remember to go easy on the ole lady. You don't want to be responsible for a broken hip.
  10. 58.. no worries of pulling out.. pretty sure the factory is shut down
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    Oh Wow ..
  12. [quote name='"alpo"']Oh Wow .. Hey you got any pics of her? ... Cougarz rule! I fckd one before n lemmie tell ya she blew my mind ... Cougarz stay horny n there alwayz ready to fck your brainz out i mean they will drain the hell outta your ballz ... especially if they have enourmous tits or a big ole booty w/ thick legz ... oh my god:yummy: its like pass the gatorade ... bcuz they can have you feelin like you did a work out ...



    I'm into cougars, I'm only 19, but I can't wait til I can fuck one, not like these gross ones though ^^^^^^
  13. i threw up a lil in my mouth
  14. These are the kind of cougars I'd be dtf





  15. Well, I WAS going to eat.
  16. Not in the mood for cottage cheese?
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  18. [quote name='"alpo"']LMAO ... I can clearly see my definition and image of a cougar is way different from y'all out there ... wasnt tryin to make anyone puke out there ... im just saying the thickest cougars are the horniest they might not have the hollywood body shape n the fine looks however the ride is unbelievable ... dont knock the thick if you havent tried it ... its only gross to those who dont understand let alone experienced it right? im sure somebody hears me out there ..[/quote]

    Bruh you posted pictures of the New England Patriots defensive line. I have no problem with some curves but not that flabs. To each his own I guess.

    OP take a pic of the meal. Congrats on the cougar hunting.

    Random- whatever happened to the guy who met the woman on words with friends

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