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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Northerntoker, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. So the other day, my friend and I had a joint that needed to be smoked. I met up with her at a local skatepark and we went to this tunnel near by to smoke. I was very sketched out because there were constantly people under this tunnel because its a part of a trail.

    The tunnel was next to a river and there was a fence that seperated the trail from the river. We went behind the fence so our backs were to the trail.

    As soon as we started to blow smoke, people noticed. But they didn't respond like, "POT! OH SHIT CALL THE COPS THAT IS THE DEVIL!" They responded by laughing, and saying something about the smell.

    As we were approaching a roach, we walked away from the spot and two old women were walking by and looked at us, looked at each other and just laughed.

    So, my theory is, that everyone smokes weed. :smoking:
  2. Close...
    Everybody in Alaska smokes weed!!!
    Srsly, 6 months of dark??? I would need 6 months of DANK!
  3. It's Antartica with 6 months of dark, we got the midnight sun, son!
  4. sun son fuck yeah
  5. haha yeah around here (the south) some people are lame enough to chase you down if youre smokin weed. i've been chased through the woods before by some older guy who apparently was offended by me smoking a bowl on a nice rock in the middle of nowhere.

    shit my friend even had a guy pull up next to him while he was creepin and yell shit about calling the cops and writing down his license plate number.

    but i do think the percentage of people that approve of or dont care about weed is getting higher and higher.
  6. Yeah I've also been sort of chased for smoking pot. Me and a buddy were parked in his car on the side of this road in the boonies, hotboxing the shit out of it. We see this truck pull up and stop next to us in the street. He had really dark windows on his car so the dude couldn't see us but we're lookin back at him. Then my friend, being an idiot, just rolls down his window and asks the guy what's up.

    The guy sees smoke pouring out of the window and we see his expression turn from :confused: to:mad:. LOL my buddy puts it in drive and floors it, the guy chases us for like 5 minutes but eventually just turns around. We were so confused haha.
  7. Me and some friends were walking down a rich neighborhood during the day and smoking out of an apple. I was extremely surprised no one called the cops.
  8. I have noticed this too, in my neighborhood it is pretty upper class for where we live and no one in that area cares if they see you smoking pot. However, switch it over to the opposite side of town and you will have cops called on you for smoking a rolled cigarette let alone a joint.
  9. threads like this should be posted in the general section of the forum :D
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