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I have a theory..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PatrickTheToker, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. For must off us, our highs last from one to at the MAX three hours.
    Then a story comes along about them being high for 12 hours or more. With out having an extremely low tolerance. A lot of people will call bull shit on this.
    As we all know, THC effects everybody differently, at even everyone differently on a smoke - to smoke basis.
    So, that makes me wonder,
    are there people out their who's highs just last around 30 minutes.

    Of course, on a smoking (not eating) basis.

    Peace of Freedom.
    Peace of Mind.
    Happy Toking.:smoking:
  2. I've smoked with people that are high like 5 minutes after smoking and are down a half hour later. It happens.
  3. Yes there are. It's called tollerance.
  4. my bro knows a guy that can't get high. like i smoked with him and he wasnt high at all. it was crazy... i kinda felt sorry for the dude
  5. heard makeing cannibutter and throwing it into what ever food suits and getting high that way is a longer lasting high.
  6. Yes, unfortunately, I am one of those people. I destroy a pack of ciggs when I blaze up because they help keep the high up. If I smoked weed alone, I guarantee I'd be sober as a bell within 40 minutes.
  7. That is exactly how a tolerance works. If you smoke the amount that normally gets you high it will last shorter and shorter until you need to smoke more and more.

  8. take a break yo
  9. I would, but just getting shit is sooo fucking easy at college. It's addictive. Plus, even if I'm not getting high I'm smoking up a bunch of my friends... which I enjoy getting people high.
  10. THC effects everyone pretty much the same.

    Quality, type of strain, and tolerance are all the factors.
  11. No. You can take two people and give them the exact same weed, they may act the same on the surface, and it may do the same thing in their brains, but it effects everyone differently. Based on personality, setting, and their personal life.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:

  12. Yeah man I totally agree...
    And even though you can't like build up a tolerance to weed (or so my psych prof says), The first time I smoked, we smoked ALOT of pearl, and I was blasted for about 5 hours, and then was still burned for the next 5 or so. Now a high lasts about 3 hours, so like yeah it affects everyone differently, but i think one of the major things is what you think is gonna happen. Like, I don't know exactly how to explain it, but if you think you're going to be really hungry, then you'll probably start muchin a little earlier. Just one of my many theories we all come up with when toked...

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