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    Well first off I would like to say when I started smoking I didnt smoke large amounts. I never got "fucked,ripped,etc". So I think people that did get fucked up when they started smoking are the ones who later on and say "man I wish I could get my old highs back" or "man I wish I could get as high as I did when I first started smoking" I think this is because when they started smoking they got as high as they could get and they were at their smoking peak so from then on they cant get as high as they used to unlike me which every time I smoke a little more than im used to is like a whole new level of high because ive never reached my peak so I get higher and higher every single time. So my theory is people who don't smoke a lot in their beginning days experience a whole different side of marijuana. What do you guys think?
  2. hm, its interesting to ponder. I mean its hard to guage "a lot" though really, it's a relative term.

    Me personally, myself and two other friends would all throw in on an eighth ( dank ) and smoke it in one sitting. These days i smoke nothing but schwag and it satisfies me, I don't know how or why, but it does. And man, when i do smoke the good stuff, i know it.:smoking:
  3. I'm confused by the whole thought of the thread.
    But the reason people have to smoke more, get more potent weed, etc. is because there tolerance goes up.
    you know this.
    but i doubt it matters how much you smoke in the beggining.
  4. yeah sometimes I just like to take a break from dank weed and just mellow out on mids you know?
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    Its almost like a "chasing the dragon" concept without the addiction. But I guess you have to be in the situation to understand it maybe?
  6. the problem is, if you smoke for a while, then STOP smoking for awhile, when you pick it up, your high will be like the beginning. its all tolerance and forgetting what it feels like to be high.

    it aint like crack.
  7. Sort of I guess but ive never had to take a T break cuz every time im just getting higher and higher.
  8. QFT

    I used to smoke nearly if not over 10 blunts of the dankest sticky icky dank around.. My tolerance went waaay up...

    I stopped for nearly 3 months and now schwag gets me fucking zooted :smoke:
  9. ha guess its just me then.
  10. random but do you lax for the norcal grizzlies?
  11. yes, marijuana is a different experience for each person...

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