i have a theory here people!

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  1. i think your high depends on several things, including who you are with, what you expect to get out of your high, but especially where you are. i have this one friends house i love to go to, because whenever i smoke over there, even the smallest bit of shwag, im fucking blowed. but ill smoke the same stuff at a different friends house ( a lot of it ) and i will barely feel shit. any thoughts? i swear this has to be true
  2. let getting high be represented by H

    H = quality of weed x f(surroundings, people you are with, peoples mind set, time of day, entertainment, weather, pressure on your mind)

    this equation has been proven to be true.
  3. I've noticed this same thing too. But lately, I've just been smoking by myself. I always seem to get really blowed quicker and it seems to last longer when I'm by myself.
  4. I have noticed this too. I'll get higher with friends,than just by myself,and it also depends on my mood. Good mood=great buzz. Bad mood=so so. After going a few weeks w/o pot, I smoked some awesome chronic,and got totally looped. best dope I ever had,so far..I was laughing so much,my face got stuck this way :D
  5. Totay true when i am by myself i tend to go into a melow think alot high when i am with my mates i either go dead laughy and jokey and stuff or i understand everything
  6. It may have to do with the state of mind you are in… meaning if you feel relaxed etc…

    Once you go to that person's house and feel uncomfortable, you may not get the same high you usually get.
  7. yea man so true your theory should be a law
  8. Dude, I'm a chick ;)

    But glad you found it a good enough theory :smile:

    Quick question. Like why does this program ONLY support like 2 smileys at a time?

    I mean, what if I want to add a :wink: a :smile: and a :grin: all in the same post?!
  9. sometimes when i am by myself i get high off of very little and i will sit there and stare at tv and not move for a while. then i will catch myself and just go into another daze. and when i am with this one guy we just start dancing and listen to grateful dead and we dont stop until we pass out or knock into something.

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