I have a stupid question. Is it rude to poke someone on Facebook?

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  1. so Facebook used to have this dumb pointless feature called "poking" where you press a button and it notifies someone they have been "poked". I've heard they still have it but it is harder to find. there was no clear purpose to this, it seems it was just a way to randomly get someone's attention without using words. it was functionally equivalent to saying hello to someone over Facebook.

    Back in those days when Facebook was more popular, I lived in a dorm. I had this roommate, she didn't spend that much time in the room so she was more of a housemate. One day I poked her on Facebook while she wasn't around. She poked back. The next time I saw her in the hallway, she informed me that poking people is rude even online. She seemed actually offended that I pressed a button to privately tell her I was thinking of her.

    I have autism so I get this a lot, being told something I thought was normal was actually rude. But looking back on this, I'm not sure if I was the weird one or she was. Why would Facebook have this feature if it was intrinsically rude? unless it was designed specifically to be rude, like the virtual equivalent of the middle finger. am I the only person who did this to her? apparently some people used to use this feature to flirt so maybe she interpreted it that way? would she have reacted this way if this feature had a different name like the hello button or gave a smiley emoji? it would functionally be the same.

    Was my action offensive or was my roommate reacting strangely?
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    What some people find offensive depends on their mood and personality. They may choose to feel insulted and being the victim gives them some kind of satisfaction in their failed life.
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    And Google and the urban dictionary says.

    What does a Facebook ‘poke’ really mean?
    Poking people is so 2007.

    So, you got “poked” by someone on Facebook—now what? A Facebook poke is a feature on the social media platform that lets users send a single virtual notification to a friend. No more, no less. Despite the feature’s name, the purpose of a poke has never been entirely clear. While poking was all the rage in 2007, it’s worth noting that its popularity has significantly declined on Facebook over the past few years. In 2011, the feature officially went into hiding on the site as part of a series of functionality updates.

    And in 2021, nobody is doing it.

    In the younger days of Facebook, a poke was a cute and timid (though ineffective) way to virtually flirt or just say hello. Today, pokes still exist but it’s hardly straightforward: Receiving a casual poke from your grandmother and your crush in the same day can leave you with bizarre mixed messages.
    ================== End web
    You'd used it after it passed out of style and current rage and had become more on the offensive side like something your parents used. Welcome to getting old before your time.
    Your just not "Hip" enough.
    Hip (slang)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hip, like cool, does not refer to a quality. What is considered hip is continuously changing. Being hip is also about being informed about the latest ideas, styles, and developments.


  4. How do you know it was out of style? I never said what year I used it. It was circa 2010
  5. It was just a guess as what is "In" changed damn fast in my early pre net adulthood so it was a reasonable assumption. Even the 3 years of your own admission is enough. The net has accelerated all facets of life tremendously.

  6. in another case of online miscommunication; in highschool circa 2008, I took some highschool courses online. The website for online courses had a feature where you could use emojis to signal things (I think sites of that kind still have similar features) and one of them was a face labelled "confusion". So I understood it to be a universally understood way of communicating confusion. Being autistic, I am prone to being confused by instructions sometimes. Once, while the teacher was asking me to do something, I used that emoji button to communicate I did not understand and I got yelled at by the teacher. She seemed to interpret it as me goofing off instead of doing what I was told.
  7. I Dont Think It Rude At All. Poke Me All You Wanna Lol.


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