I Have A Small Problem With Hiding Spot

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  1. To eliminate smell, I'm using a mason jar to store everything in, but then it's too big for all my. Usual hiding spots.
    I used to use a hole in my box spring and then an electrical socket, and after that I used a locked jewelry box, and now it's just too big for those.
  2. Punch hole into wall, put jar inside said hole, put poster over hole
  3. Maybe store it outside? or in a shed/garage?
  4. Maybe quit hiding the weed
  5. Oh thanks. That is the most helpful thing anyone has ever said to me. I could not live without your advice. Ass.
  6. Um everyone's house/room is different but...
    In your old keep-sakes box
    You could individually put x1-x2 baggie/ smaller mason jars a certain amount then spread it around hiding places in your room
  7. Find a small - medium sized jelly jar or even a small peanut butter jar. If smell still leaks tape top.
  8. Lol what happened to just putting your sack under the mattress??
    On second thought, that's how I got caught my first time about 13 years ago in highschool lol.
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    You said (in another thread) that you were getting caught, yes? This is why, don't bring drugs in the house, don't smoke in the house.
  10. If I don't bring it into the house, where would I keep it? -_-
  11. "Where should I keep it." Nowhere! Maybe you should consider not smoking and storing drugs in your mom's house.
  12. Op I suggest getting a pill case, they work wonderfully and it keeps the bud fresh too.
    After that, try and look for things you can screw/unscrew. Old speakers, old ps2, old anything electronic which you can unscrew place the pill case and re-screw.
    It may be a little bitch at first to do that everytime, but its the most fool proof way and you get used to it. 
  13. Use an old computer tower to stick it in.
  14. This. Maybe you shouldnt be blazing in your parents house if they dont like it
  15. So you're saying I should quit?
  16. In my youth I used an old telescope. The lens came out and it made for a nice hiding space.  but you need to find a smaller jar to stash in.  One that fits your spaces  makes no sense to use a jar thats so big you can't hide it.
  17. I hear some folks...particularly those of the pirate persuasion...tend to hollow out a compartment in their peg leg. Do you have both of your legs? If so, would you consider having one of them amputated?
  18. but all the jars are too big!! :'(
  19. Downsize your jars, or some great bags. Hide it in your pillow, old tape deck, or some boxes. Be creative with what you have.
  20. yeah get a couple of air tight zip lock bags.  They'll work just as well for keeping odor out as a jar will.  Then you can roll them and hide them anywhere.

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