I have a scrip for adderall...Need help (not taking)

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  1. Ok guys...little back info...I guess you could say I have ADD, I don't focus for shit, and adderall really helps me in school....but it seems school hasn't been in and I don't even move back into my dorm till the 20th, so recently (4 days ago) I begin taking adderall...for fun.

    It started on a friday night, in all i took 100mg, and it was great. Then when i feel asleep i slept great, and woke up fine. I then took 75mgs total on that saturday, just having fun. On saturday i noticed my heart rate...it has sped up and caused me to start to turn red, it doesn't hurt at all but its just a little worrisome. Finally jump to sunday, I took 25mg in the morning and nothing else, but the heart thing continued. Monday morning I take nothing (today) and my heart is still doing the same minor thing.

    Is this normal guys...for your heart rate to be high for a few days after abusing the amphetamine?
  2. Yeah, if you take big amounts of speed like that your heart will be beating fast for a while until the vast majority of it is out of your system. Don't recall what the half life of amphetamine is, but you certainly have a detectable amount left in your system. Lay off for a while.
  3. Thanks Joelywoely, is there any more feedback from anyone?
  4. Well amphetamines are stimulants so...where's the problem?
  5. Its been like 36 hours since I've taken any Adderall and it was still going on, and i have no experience with it i guess....just worried.
  6. For someone with no tolerance to Adderall, 100mgs is A LOT. Becareful mate, that shit can be no good.
  7. Just found out, half life is 10 hours. I don't know exactly when you took how much, but it makes lots of sense that you would still be feeling it. As someone with a perscription who has railed it and taken huge doses before, I don't understand how you could take 100mg in a day. That would feel so shitty...
  8. You can have palpitations and/or faster heart rate for even a few days after taking high doses of addy. Even though you're taking lower doses it's only prolonging these... side effects.

    my first addy experience I took 200mg in 20 hours smoking a bowl after each line (I don't recommend insufflating it, I only take it orally now)... actually I don't recommend smoking as much as I did, either... I came close to a seizure that night being only ~130lbs it really wasn't easy on my body.

    didn't feel shitty at all, actually I felt fucking amazing and had no problem when I finally slept, but I recommend having some benzos on hand for when you come down (Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, Xanax, etc...), just take a small dose of the benzo, though.
  9. take a sleeping pill cause u wont b able to sleep. ull wake up and b fine. trust me i used to have to take that shit....
  10. amphetamines keep you up a long time!
  11. So I shouldn't worry about heart palpations...or
  12. No, only if they are persistent for many many days after, with the doses you took you should expect your heart beat to be faster than normal and/or palpitations for a few days after.
  13. phew its day two, and its A LOT better...thanks everyone for the replies.

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