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  1. So.. second time ever growing. First time I just gave them to a friend so I barely *actually* grew those.

    Skipping to the chorus here, I successfully germinated 2 unknown seeds. (Yippee lets see if they're shit). The first 3 days were without effective light. 2 feet or so away from the bathroom light. Idiot. So I was like, hey these are growing way too quickly upwards. We need to implement direct light. But I only have one single lamp I can get close enough to them. 2-4 inches away. Seems to work decently now, but more about that later. The first seed was perfect. Seed husk fell off. Second one wasn't falling off. I waited several days to see if maybe it was just growing more slowly. Never fell off after probably 5 days. The last 2 days I kept a wettened half water bottle over top to see if increasing humidity would soften it and encourage it to pop off the damn thing. Didnt work. Researched and came to the conclusion that if it were there any longer, it would probably just rot inside and die. So I got it off and it seemed good, besides being behind and growing much slower. (If someone knows how to upload photos, do share. I have no idea how to get a photo url? But that would best tell.) Theyre nice in colour, a lush green.. the runt is maybe slighty darker. Slightly overwatered but that has changed in the last week. Theyre approximately 3-3.5 weeks old. The good one is looking well. Not droopy and not perky. Leaves arent fat, no yellowing. The bottom sprout leavesm. the very first 2.. the one is yellowing. The runt has crinkled bottom leaves.. from being stuck in a shell, I assume. But the droopy, uneven growth is freakin me out. Stem colour is good. 3 inches from (some strong super bright warm white idk Id need to go look and im zonked) large clf. Its not as strong stem wise as the other, either. Its being helped with a stick and floss(loosely) The other one I am just excited about. And despite being stretched for 3 days, Ive topped up soil twice so neither are very lanky. New growth is slow on the runt and super on the other. The other is growing its 7 finger leaves and its only about 4 inches tall. Ive treated both the same. Do I have the seed being stuck on to blame and will it even itself out eventually?
  2. Pics would help.
  3. Can you see my albums? Im honestly not sure how this site works. Just joined yesterday. I posted a few photos there because I couldnt figure out the photo url thing
  4. I don't grow in soil so I don't feel qualified to give advice - but I don't see any perlite in your soil mix, which is essential for fast growth because it allows more oxygen to the roots. That could be the reason for slow growth on all your plants. Hopefully a good soil grower will chime in to help you. Good luck.

  5. Can you buy just perlite? I live in a smaller town and i bought the only no-nutrient soil there was. It does have perlite but maybe not enough? Would that cause problems? I havent packed the soil down
  6. Yes you can buy perlite by itself - it's in most garden centers. Not having enough aeration in the soil will definitely cause slow growth. I assume you are going to transplant - when you do, add more perlite to the new mix. As I mentioned in my earlier post - I'm reluctant to give advice because I'm not a soil grower - I only give advice when I have first hand knowledge.

  7. No problem. It is just confusing as to why its just the one plant struggling.
  8. Your one plant could be struggling because of the seed pod being attached - or it could just be that plant - they are all different. Your album said that the plants were almost 4 weeks - although they look healthy - they're not growing as fast as they could be. These are plants at 4 weeks from sprout for a comparison. Hopefully a soil grower could provide more help. Good luck.
    4 weeks.JPG
  9. I definitely need more lights. That will come hopefully on the 15th. Im hoping then, theyll really take off. I have seen videos however, of even smaller plants after 4 weeks. I guess more lighting and a more regular watering schedule would be a start.
  10. I also am not fertilizing yet. Any recommendations on that? Ill need to order online.
  11. I wasn't trying to come off as negative - sorry. Your plants look very healthy and with the proper light and care they should produce a nice yield for you.
  12. You werent negative! Thank you for your help. I was watching a video of one guys 3 week old plants... very very small. even i was concerned and mine arent very large yet. Lots of comments on that video saying theyve had plants that small/strain dependant etcetc.
  13. You are seriously lacking light is what I would guess. These plants were 27 days old in this picture. 16833.jpeg
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  14. I only have the space and money for cfls at the moment.. which would you recommend? and how many? i only have the 2 plants and i totally agree with you. just need to find plugin reflector shades. im not sure where to find them in town. theres very large ones at this farm store but theyre 80$ and used mainly to heat lambs lol. If i could rewire, i would for sure but its a little bit trickier having to use plugin fixtures.

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