I have a really weird thought/question.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bobbert, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. So I will preface by saying I am totally stoned right now. I just breathed a hit out of my nose, and I started to think. If snorting coke gets you high because it goes in to the mucus glands does breathing hits out your nose get you higher, since it could be absorbed more by your nose?<o:p></o:p>
  2. Yep, it does. More THC absorbs through the mucus linings of your nose/upper respiratory tract than exhaling through your mouth. I exhale all my hits through my nose. I really dig the way it feels, too.

    Also, if I take a shotgun off a blunt, I take it up the nose. FUCKING INTENSE, and highly recommended.
  3. LOL great icon omg. Did you see him on Enturage? I did it because this weed tastes and smells so good. Wanted to smell it. Does it fuck with your smelling and nasle tissue and shit though?
  4. it will get you high, i dont think it will get you higher.
  5. haha, no I didnt see him on entourage. but i bet it was fucking hilarious ahaha. bob saget rules.

    and it doesnt fuck my smelling or nasal tissue up.. it just burns a little.. and that's only when taking the shotguns so i think youll be fine with just exhaling hits through the nose. the smell lingers in my nose, though.. which is a plus.
  6. it might get yu higher quicker, i usually always try to blow out my nose at least once a session to hit those parts.
  7. OMG.....are you ppl. hahahahaha lol rofl...totally wack....that dosen work..all you do is lose the abilyty to detekt the aroma of things.and you burn your hear so they dont stop the things they should.....ROFL....

    Why do things that hurt you moore than it should...that is not a stoner..thats a druggy.....

    Sry for the bad grammer
  8. well, you're wrong. the blood vessels are closer to the surface in your nasal passages, meaning more THC is absorbed on the exhale if you exhale through your nose instead of your mouth. also, if you exhale through your nose, the smoke is in your body longer and interacts with more tissue, meaning you absorb more THC.
  9. the only way to transpot thc is by the lungtisju and up to the brain....you dont got that in your nose because then you would not need lungs....and it meens that all the freeloaders is getting stoned just by sniffing the air. That is bullshit and you know it....

    Ps.By the way Coke and speed and snuff and all the shit you can take thro the nose ..it`s burning it self in and then to your bloodstream....Thc isn`t ACID....
  10. three things.

    you only get so high from weed..

    doing nose hits MAY get you higher faster due to the capaillary surface area an the absorbtion rate of thin epithellia tissue.

    It is practically impossible to not breathe thru your nose...even tho you are MOUTH breathing the act of drawing in air creates a vaccum that will draw air into your nose....its physics...cant get around it unless you physically plug your nose...damage fact...except for scalding from the concentrated smoke an of course high heat....I cant think of the damage being different then normal breathing
  11. 1 Thing. the transporter of o2/thc do you only find in the lungs...The door opners is alveoler and that is whre thc comes in your bloodstream......

    you dont have that in your nose
  12. and one thing else is ...you tink you are getting stoner b of the intenety of the hit!!!
  13. If it burns, Its probobly not great for ya. It might get you a little higher but Im sure
    it would not be enugh to make any kind of differance. get a vaporizer and start cycling.
    you will feel great and live well.
  14. well your 50/50.

    you do think your getting higher due to concentration....I think I covered that....

    but...anatomy an physiology your alittle off on....Co2 an oxygen are processed by the air sacks...aveolar...if you wish....

    but chemical absorbtion at the membraine level also ocurrs an can enter the blood stream as fast or faster then the conversion of air intake...

  15. Have bought a vapir (delux edithion.heheh) and i`m on my way to live a lot bether life....

    guy fro 70 I`m taking out the old school books and i`m gonna get back to this thred and try to prove you wrong...hehehe

  16. You bought a vapir...honestly thats where I start ignoring anything you have to say. :\

    I've taken 3 1/2 foot vapor bags to the head via mouth and nose and it does indeed get you higher inhaling via the nose.

    It clears the hell out of your system if you're a smoker thats for sure
  17. Um, wrong. Mucous membranes (such as your gums or your nasal tissue) have the ability to absorb chemicals into the bloodstream quickly. Nothing burns through your mucous membranes to get to your bloodstream when you do a line. As for snuff, it doesn't even need to burn through anything. Because it's not fast enough if you just set it there, you scrape your gums a little so that there is a direct path for the nicotine to enter your bloodstream.

    Anyway, the point is that your mucous membranes are permeable, and nothing has to burn through them to get to the bloodstream.
  18. yup....I second that...chemical absorbtion is faster in most cases then respiratory conversion an absorbtion.....it basically instant...membranes walls mainly hold things in and are permeable to most everything....

  19. I stopped listening after trying to decipher what he was saying. I mean, I know he's in Norway, but damn.

    Ars have you ever hit a joint with your nose? Shut your mouth, lock your throat, close the left nostril, and get the joint in your right nostril just enough to make a vaccum seal. Breathe SLOWLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Man what a rush. It hurts like a bitch. I've only done it once, and have no intention of doing it again, but dude you have to try it at least once if you haven't already.
  20. I did that with my bowl before. I felt like I was going to pass out. It seemed to make me feel a little more blazed. I don't know if it was just a nice hit or the nose did something. I am not going to side because I don't know shit.

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