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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Express Strain, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Is a 2000Watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb set up going "too big"?

    I got a few pictures but im curious as to whether I may be in over my head
  2. Too big for what?
  3. many people have 2000w hps set up but its made up of several bulbs. anything over 1000w generally will burn the plants or you'll have to move them so far away that the plants will stretch.
  4. I think he mightve meant if it was him going overboard with how many plants, etc hes got going. Like does 2000 watts sound like a big set up. Right??
  5. You can never go too big with light. Heat, thats a totally different issue. Overkill with light is not a bad thing, but tempurture's, thats another story. If you can run 2k HPS with n79 degree room temps, go for it.
  6. Before I even opened the thread, this was the question that ran through my mind.

    Too big for XX number of plants?
    Too big for a newbie to try?
    Too big for an apartment?
    Too big for keeping the electric bill from getting noticed by LEO?
    Too big to be able to manage heat?
    I could go on...
  7. :wave:hi buddy, yeh as toasty says to many probs could occur so keep it simple:smoke:
    however you go all the best mate plenty good folk here to help you through the grow,if needed?;)

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