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Discussion in 'General' started by provin1327, May 25, 2006.

  1. Im not sure about this, but I made a few secret "stash" items, like books, pens, sharpies, big markers. Is it ok for me to sell them on here, or no?
  2. Thats not to ask us we dont own the site I like the book idea though lol
  3. Who should I ask? O yea if ya like the book idea ive got a video and some pics, the pens are ready to go, but the books are still kinda in progress. You can buy the book ones on the internet, they are nice, but a little expensive. They're about 30 shipped for the books, I can sell them for like 10- 15
  4. I don't think selling of anything is tolerated on the forum.

    But post some pics. :p
  5. :) ok

    this is the book its pretty bad, im still working on it


    here it is again, its the bottom one, looks perfectly normal


    and the pens


    they are actually selling on this site, its a paintball forum, and you can sell miscalanious (sp) stuff


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