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i have a question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potsmoker8, May 28, 2002.

  1. hedo to all of you
    i just had a question, i have never posted, but always read everyone's posts.... so, i've been smokin' for about 3 years, a lil' less, however, lately i've been gettin' really sore after i smoke, granted i can't always remember what i did the night before, but is it normal to wake up the next day very sore?

    i can remember it happening before, but normally i had just attributed it to my nightly activities that i had long since forgotten...

    so, if yall could all help me out, that would be great

    love to everyone
  2. what do you mean sore, throat? or sore ass?

    this would give you two differant answers....
  3. i mean, sore ass

    of course your throat may burn the next day
    but i'm talkin' body aches, sore ass, sore arms...etc...
  4. I notice I get these too, but it's usually after pot knocks me off my ass and I am so tired I pass out. I think what happens to me is I pass out in an uncomfortable position and don't move all night. Not drinking water throughout the night w/ cottonmouth probably makes it even worse, I always make sure to drink lots of fluids before passing out. :D Then, when I wake up in the morning, I have aches & pains. Is it kind of like that?

    If so, all I can reccomend is drink your fluids & try not to get that high! I ate this cookie last night I was so stoned I didn't even take a puff of actual weed. I passed my ass out and woke up so sore this morning ~ but it went away after a nice hot shower, so maybe hot showers will help toO!
  5. yeah a shower in the morning helps you from feeling burnt out and sore all day.
  6. I think you just do some crazy stuff when you get bombed like i do. You just need to watch your self something.
  7. lol @ zonedude...

    you know, i was also thinking i sure wake up with a hell of a lot of bruises after a supa-stony session! maybe we do all get rather active when blazed & don't remember the marathons we ran! :D

    me, i just bump from one piece of furniture to another until i hit the bed.

    when you wake up like that, there's only 2 things you can do!
    wake-n-bake & warm hot shower!

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