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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MeanGreen, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. Hey, i'm new to this forum but i've been smokin for a while and i'm deciding to start growing, so could anyone reply to me how to start and what to do and how to tell if it's male or female... thanks
  2. Of course I'm sure you know how to plant a seed,,,,start there,,you will need a secure grow area(closet,cabinet,etc.)water supply,light,fan/fans,timer,available power circuit,etc..
    I suggest first establishing "where" ,,then you may at anytime post again questions you may have,,,I'm sure someone will assist you ........

  3. Aight, found a place in my room, now, how often should i water it and anything else of importance...
  4. A good primer of basics can be found at ww.overgrow.com and check the grow FAQ link
  5. Would a black light be fine? And also is a fan really important? And how often should i water it? ----> that website didnt really help me bro it was confusing i was too high

  6. I don't think so, from what I've learned, photosynthesis is done most efficiently under blue and orange/red spectrums. I know if you use a green light, the plant will literally starve, because that type of light can't be absorbed.

    A fan is important, cause it will promote a strong stem, but you don't have to run out and buy one immediately, as say you would need to for a good light, which is the MOST important factor.
  7. You water them when they need watering, not on a timetable. It all depends on the temp, evaporation, humidity, potting soil. But not to get too complicated, when its dry too the touch on top and down about 3/8 " deep.
  8. I used a black light til i got my flouro's, it grew, but now we go those flouro's and it's goin off =), so after like 2 weeks i'mi gonna put them outside, i was just reading someone was saying about putting apple juice of w/e? does that work good? and how would i cure it? i'mi so excited lol, how long do you think b4 i could try some of it? i planted it last saturday so it's almost been a week, it's like 8 inches high, so if someone could answer my questions that would be great!! thank you all for helping me so far
  9. You got a couple of months before you can try it if its planted outside, hopefully, maybe longer.

    Apple juice, never heard of using it before. May attract bad creepy crawly bugs that may attack your plants.
  10. never apply any sugary solutions to the medium.....bugs/bacteria will love you,,,and your girls will not...


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