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    im trying to grow outside but it September and i live in new york do u think the plants will survive long enough for a harvest
  2. There are some excellent threads that cover this in the absolute beginners forum. I'm sure you'll find the answers to all your questions there.
  3. Why do you guys always just say "GO TO TEH BEGINNERS FORUM!"
  4. It's certainly not to offend. There are just certain very basic questions that get asked over and over and over in these threads. Answering them is sort of redundant because there are stickies and other informative threads in other forums that can answer the question more thoroughly than most of us can. We're simply trying to direct you to the most pertinent and comprehensive information source--just in case you aren't aware of it.
  5. Because we constantly get posts saying - I want to grow MJ, tell me absolutely everything I need to know from start to finish.

    We simply cannot re-invent the wheel for everyone, there is a whole load of info in the archives - fucking go and use it.
  6. ITS TOO LATE PLANTS ARE FLOWERING ALREADY, Either do it indoors or just wait till next season, depending on how big you want your plants to get start in either may or june, i start in june , roughly first week of and my plants usually reach betweeen 4.5 and 5.5 feet, others that i know start it in may and have 6-7ft ladies
  7. Ditto to the last answer. Read, read, read.

    The answer is no.


    P.S. Read, read, read

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