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Discussion in 'General' started by Jeb, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. I am looking for the dimensions (in inches) of a Kilo block. This might have to be answered by some of you old hippies out there, (like me). The only block I remember seeing was about 8X12X6.

    But a kilo is 2 pounds! I can't imagine 2 pounds in that little block.

    But hey, who knows? And there is my question, WHO KNOWS?

    If you do, please respond.
  2. i think you would have to brake the block in to cubes giving you a total of 576 cubes with in the block and defide your wieght evely among the blocks to find the weight per cubes ? i can say the weight is very light by the looks of its proporsioning! but with out a size of one side only the mass can be judged!mainly judge how the weight is desterputed with in the block !the main ? is a kilo of what detremans the dimensions,your talking about the size of a shoe box!with two pounds in it, it would have to be powder or something very light in weight to mass!basics a 2 lbs block of lead is smaller than that of say coke in size !so only a guess could be maid!at best!tazz11 the weight is fixed at 2lbs but the dimension is verable by the mass!
  3. Tazz a 2 lb block of lead weighs approx. 6 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch. Trust me on this, I know!
  4. Rainman,

    Yes, allright. a cubic inch of lead weighs more than a cubic inch of styrofoam.


    What I am looking for is the average size of the typical kilo block from Colombia.

    I am writing a novel about a trafficer, and since the weed is illegal in this fair land, I don't handle kilo blocks.

    The charctrer in my book conceals his shipments in a very specific and ingenious way. I need to know (by figuring the dimensions of the blocks as apposed to the dimensions of his container) to see how many blocks he can get into his container.

    I know the size of the container. I need to know the size of the blocks.

    You say a shoebox? What are the dimensions of the shoebox?

    Of course the blocks might all be of different size, but I don't think that's how they press them in the fields of America del Sur.

    I imagine they have a form made of boards, or even an old box, and they cut the weed and mash it down into the box and when it's dry, it is a hard block, the kind we used to love to find chunks of when buying in bulk way back in the uproareous sixties.

    Enough remeniscence. All I want is a block size that the American reading public will believe.

    Oh, I never inhaled.

  5. good ? i have melt lead to, but i would guess 4by6by 10 !good luck on the book!
  6. A Kilo is 2.2 pounds
  7. thats a good point you just made is he realy look for fact or a good idea for the rendom size of block weed!tazz11

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