I have a question about some topping techniques

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  1. When is it the best time to do my topping in vegative growth stage? I'm growing my plants out into a two my vegetative state.
  2. It depends on what you are planing to do with your plant(s). But really there is no set rule for when to top if you are planning to top. But if you plan on doing some LST, then I like topping at the 4th node, then when those 2 nodes grow out, I bend them over in opposite directions, so the lower nodes can get lots of light, then I bend those over, so all those nodes have their own light space. But if I don't feel like doing all that training, then I usually top at the (5th), but I wait until the (6th) node is fully out, then I top the (5th) and then I clone (6th) node. The reason why I do it that way, is because it allows the lower nodes (4, 3, 2) to catch up to (5th) node so my canopy stays nice and even without having to do all that training. Then I always top the (3rd, 4th) nodes at least twice, and also when I do that I pull and tie those nodes / branch outward, so each node / branch has it's on light space. But like said, there is no set way to top, fim, or train a plant. It's all about using your own creativity and having fun doing it...
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  3. Thank you for the tips. I guess My main question is that for my next run I'm going to veg out for 2 months. With in those two months I was planning for topping twice. Once at week 3 in veg and once in week 6. The reason is becausw I want my plants to recover well each time, especially before I flip them into flower. So do you t hi k I'll be Okay to top twice in that 6 week period without ant issues for recovery before flower.
  4. Also when I do top and the new shoots come out when is the right time to top those and so on amd so forth with topping thw new shoots and how much recover time should I give my plants before I flip them into flower? I'm running on a 2 month veg period this time. Thanks again.

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  5. I know you didn't ask me this question but it is an open forum. You can easily top twice and the slow up will be minimal.

    First pic is at 3 weeks from sprout and already topped twice. Second pic is 4.5 weeks from sprout.
    3 weeks.JPG 4.5 weeks.JPG
    The plants were put into flower at 5 weeks from sprout and the above plant yielded 8oz.
    Good luck.
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  6. Method 1. You top once at the final height you like, maybe 5th to 7th node, and that is the only top. Then you allow all those nodes to fully develope and keep them pruned from suckers trying to grow off them.
    Method 2 is mainline. You top above the third node and the top the tops until you have 8 tops. Everything grows out of just one single node from the main trunk.
    Method 3 is the one that cracks me up. You just top the tops whenever you see one. You need to be really stoned for it to make any sense.
    Recovery is largely a myth if plants are kept under good light in a healthy veg state with the N they need. Start early and often while they are in their vigorous teenage years. By college it's too late for a decent recovery. The first time I topped a plant it went into shock and never did recover and I trashed it. Like I say, you need good growing practice first.
    Yes, If you have any interest in mainline the growweedeasy has an excellent tutorial with very good pictures.
    Also, I discovered a 50 second youtube with a perfect film of a finished mainlined 8 top (keyword flux I think.) It takes a certain type of grower to appreciate that kind of plant beauty.
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  7. Hey Mick, quick ?

    You ever have issues with those halo drip rings?
  8. No. They have to be cleaned of salt build up around the tiny holes after each grow - but if you do that - no problem.
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  9. Thank you for the tips

  10. Thanks

  11. very nice, That would be method 4. Never thought of that one. It's like method 1 with a second top. Did you then prune it (lollipop) any?
  12. 4a - Lollipop.JPG
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  13. Hey Talkative - I just started a hempy auto grow in my closet. I thought you would appreciate that.

    I apologize to the OP for not staying on point. :)
  14. You should write a book. You have great pictures.

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