I have a question about my plants...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by carlover323, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. What up GC?!

    Love all of the info that i got on here.. i have some pics of my plants that i wanna show you all... they have some coloration that i'm not sure about.. can you guys tell me what it is?

    It's my 1st grow by the way.

    Is it Genetics or is it a problem with nutes?:confused:

    Peace and love!

    car lover:D

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  2. If your talkin' about the purple leaf stems (petioles), I wouldn't worry about that. The plant looks pretty healthy to me. Different strains will show purple petioles, especially the older leaves. Some people mistakenly diagnose purple stems, leaves and petioles as a Phosphorus(P) deficiency but with decent soil, it is rare. Most likely it is bred into the strain you are growing. Keep treating her good, and she should return the favor........
  3. thanks for lookin bro. yeah, i thought it was genetics. by the way, can you tell if they're on their way back into veg? i think so, but i'm not sure. i cut them from their mommy when she was in flowering and i'm trying to get them to reveg. let me know if you need more pics to tell..

    car lover
  4. anyone able to tell me what strain they are?
  5. theres absolutely zero way to tell strain by looking at a plant. the only way you could know is if you bought seeds, which you get by which strain you want
  6. i figured...thanks! i'll write more when there's more to write...

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