I have a question about ingredients in a product I use.

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Growdo Baggins, Mar 9, 2023.

  1. I've been hammering away and reading a lot of these links to articles on here. It's really been amazing. I'm making the switch to "living soil" and I've got a product I've been using that's not OMRI listed but I'm wondering if I can use it without killing microbes. I'm not concerned with whether it's organic but rather with if it will kill the soil life. The product is called PowerSi and is a potassium silicate product. I know now I paid a shit load for a product I could've easily made myself, but I didn't know when I bought it.

    The ingredients I'm wondering about are:

    Phosphoric acid
    Potassium hydroxide
    Sodium molybdate
    Boric acid

    Would I be good to use this for "living soil"?
  2. you'll be OK, no problems with the living soil. If you want to go the old school route next time, just grab this
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  3. Thanks. And I def will

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