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  1. Should i be using about 40 % of the fertilizer instructed by the manufacturer? And should i be doing this every time i water? lets say i water 2 times a week. Should i be using 40 % of the instructed fertilizer each time.
  2. What type of ferts are they?

    When you first start out, follow the manufacturers instructions. Reduce them to 1/4 strength and then each successive feeding ramp it up a little bit until you are feeding at full strength.

    As you get more comfortable with growing, you will know better what your plants need and can adjust the feeding schedule as you see fit.
  3. Very common question, ^mad4reef told you correct.
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  4. So would you say to get the value up every week. Like first week day1 1/4th strenght. Then first week another day 1/4th strength. And next week bring that value up a little.
  5. I doubt the manufacturers instructions would have you feed more than once per week. But yes, that is the general idea. Start with 1/4 strength on the first feed, then maybe give them 1/2 strength the next. Followed by 3/4 strength and then full strength. It can take a while to get the nutes dialed in just right. So be patient.
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    Thanks for all your help. Sorry for coming of bothersome, but i have another question. Lets say i do 1/4 then 1/2 then 3/4 and then full for the vegetavive phase. Then i start using a fertilizer for flowering. Should I start out with full strength right away or do I have to go through the strength phase again.

    And also does it really matter how much water i use when feeding the plants. Like the manufacturer instructions usually say to use a certain amount of waterfor a certain amount of fertilizer. But i don't want to water my plant with a gallon of water because that seems to much. SO can i just use any amount of water with the fertilizer.
  7. No bother at all. I enjoy helping when I can.

    First, by the time you are ready to flower your plants will be strong enough to take full strength ferts. This means that you can start off with full strength for flowering.

    Second, lets say the manufacturer instruction call for 1 tbsp. for every gallon. You can either mix up a gallon ahead of time or perform a conversion for the amount of water you do want to use. Remeber that if you mix it up ahead of time you will want to put some sort of a cap on the container. It will keep the water from evaporating and will keep your ferts in tact.

    Hope this helps.
  8. a week before you change to flower give the plants 1/2 your grow ferts and 1/2 your bloom ferts in the water. when you change to flower give them full bloom ferts

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