i have a quesstion for new members.

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  1. i just want to know why you decided to register to this forum? be honest, im just curious. how much are you going to post, if any?
  2. I registered here because I wanted to learn more about weed, how to smoke it, different strains, indica vs sativa, prices in areas, and to keep updated on the legality issues of marijuana.
  3. Probably won't post too much, but I registered just to be able to read comments from people who share the same hobbies as I do and sometimes contribute to conversations..
  4. To learn about weed, and something to do when I'm bored.
  5. I came here because I feel a life is not complete without coming in contact with me.
  6. Im new to MJ and want to learn about it, its effects, and maybe eventually get a hook up on some. Probably a pipe dream (pun intended) but hey, gotta dream sometime!
  7. I registered because I love weed. Everything about it. And I'm going to try to post a lot. But I forget shit.
  8. Probably won't be posting a bunch but i kinda like to see what the "Seasoned Tokers" have to say. I'm learning stuff everyday. Open my mind with a bowl and listen to the old timers. :)
  9. this tbh :smoke:
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    Newbie here want to learn about recreational use of MJ

  11. This exactly, I've been a member for like to weeks and I've already posted like 5- 10 threads and I reply to threads almost all the time

  12. Well you can teach me something too. What is "tbh?"
  13. to be honest :smoke:

  14. Thanks friend :)

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