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  1. Ok so there's this guy i know from school and he usually gets me pretty good mids already rolled and he sells fat joints for 5 dollars each. Now im not complaining cause average weed here is brown brick mixed with dirt, glue, pesticides and urine haha ill leave a picture of this famous brick below. So theres these 2 guys in my class who, are sometimes complete assholes and they sell me really dank weed already rolled and its fatter than the mids guys' joints at the same price, only problem is when i buy from them i have to smoke it with them and i really hate smoking with them cause im like the center of all their jokes. They also said that they wouldnt sell me anything else if i didnt smoke with them. So what should i do, stick with this mids guy or buy with these 2 assholes?

  2. If i gotta be straight up, it sounds like they're making you their bitch lol, who are they to say what you can and can't do, then make fun of you for going through with it? Either let them know you're not cool about it or ride it out
  3. bro you shouldn't be smoking anything that isn't dank, let alone pre-rolled. but if these kids are making fun of you, you need to stand up for yourself. let them know you're gonna do business elsewhere
    seems to me like you're getting bitched out by a lot of people... no offense bro
  4. problem is i have social anxiety so i get kinda nervous and when i smoke its alot worse, i just want to be alone and relax, so yeah idk there really isnt anyone else to get decent bud from so i just smoke talk to them for like 20 minutes and leave but theyre cool sometimes. actually its the one kid who doesnt like me at all, the other kid is cool and always smokes me up and offers me bud, mbut when the first kid starts he makes the other kid start being a dick also
  5. do anything you can do to not smoke it with them. Just stand up for your self and be like. Why am I always buying to smoke you guys out? How bout you smoke me out. Or you could just start buying joints in bulk unless they want you to sit and smoke them all. 
  6. id buy a few and just walk of. but then again ill argue with a dealer. weeds just weed and u can get it everywhere, lol
  7. you need to find a real connect and not deal with little children, its simple.
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    Yea forreal dude.. All this petty  immature bullshit ends after highschool anyway, so just find a new dealer or man up and tell those kids to fuck off after you make the buy.
    and who buys by the joint? Buy a baggie, not a "pre rolled joint" lol
  9. After awhile I'd come up with some way to get those faggots back
    Stand up for yourself man
  10. Tell those two fools to kick rocks & find yourself another connect. [:
  11. dont stand up to much unless its a kid whos like a head smaller then you. Cuz shit can go wild :lol:
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    Invite them to your house to hang out when no one is home.
    Get them some drinks, quality for them.
    Get them drunk. I mean DRUNK.
    Then take a bat and beat those bitches up. Hit the legs and stomach, nothing fancy.
    If anything happens, call it self defense.
    Don't let people run you over.
    OR, there's a second option:
    Write a letter to your local congressman.
    Up to you man. 
    Also, never buy a blunt again. By the real deal, and roll it yourself. It's easy. 
  13. id write a letter, thats a great idea, Do that op. :)
  14. Its not that easy to just "find a new connect" theyre the only connects ive found in a year and a half (thats how long ive lived here) plus they ONLY sell prerolled, i dont want to re roll it cause it already comes rolled perfectly and if i want to buy a baggie its only brick, idk why he sells pre rolled only but yeah oh by the way the 2 guys arent dealers theyre middlemen i guess
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    Don't sound like you need them. These "two kids" sound like major pricks. Walk up to them, "hey, I want a gram, in nug form." If they say anything say "I'm going to burn this gram by myself", if you want to sell it to me okay, if not then I don't care. Simple?
     ^You don't know why they sell pre-rolled?  HAve you ever opened it up? You never know what is in that, and you don't know if it's the same bud they claim it is, or if they add other substances to the joint to make it "bigger".
    He sells pre-olled so he can put any amount in there. You don't really know if you're paying a fair price. I hardly doubt there aren't more "connects" near you. If you're in highs chool or college, there should be plenty out there. Talk to some other people in your area; just ask, the worse they can say is "no, sorry man." 
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    Dirt, glue, pesticides and urine? Someone really wants you dead.
  18. oh and about the congressman thing im in uruguay, not the US. and you may not have heard but the govt is already trying to legalize, theyre hoping the law gets passed in the next 6 months :D
  19. I dont know what to tell you, try to buy in bulk and not g's and fucking pre-rolled, who the fuck buys pre-rolled? they can put all kinds of shit in there. Buy good shit and buy it in bulk, and dont deal with kids, simple. Go to areas where there is pot, everyone got areas like that, surely op is not exempt.

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