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  1. I bought a Molino Mad Scientist V2 a year or 2 ago and ordered an extra percolator just in case. But unfortunately they both broke and i need a new percolator. There out of stock of the original percolator and have been for the past 6 or 7 months, i doubt there going to restock it. So i was wondering it anyone has any ideas on getting a new percolator.... feel free to leave links of perc's that are applicable

    Mad Scientist V2---
    :Molino Mad Scientist V2 - Grasscity.com

    Mad Scientist V2 Percolator --- 14.5 MM Join Size
    : Mad Scientist Percolator - Grasscity.com

  2. I have a new spare one that has been sitting around for quite awhile, if the price is right i might be interested

  3. the op asked a specific question and you are not helping at all, the v2 is good money for value and he does not need some snob preaching their views
  4. It isn't about being a snob, it's about recommending practical items. If you purchase cheaply blown glass then be prepared for when it decides to break prematurely.
  5. I would argue a piece that is half the price is much more practical considering the financial savings
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    ^^ Agreed. While yes it's nice to have the reassurance that the $500+ you just dropped on your new straight tube isn't going to just shatter in your hands, at the same time why spend a huge sum when your LHS sells decent glass for under 200? My buddy bought a knockoff roor for 100 flat at a variety store. It hits great, it's sturdy all around, it has fallen over multiple times and has yet to even crack (he's had it for over 2 years now). Not to mention my no-brand 70 dollar 2 foot single 4-arm perc w/Ashcatcher + diffused downstem (was all included for 70, + an extra bowl) hits just as nice as many of the brand name bongs out there, only downfall is that I have to clean it more often because it's small.
    Thats not to say that if I had the money I wouldn't buy myself a nice Soveriegnty piece, but for people on a lower budget, there's no point in shelling out huge prices when the piece is just gonna get full of resin anyway.
  7. If your set on finding another perc, find a glassblower to blow u one. Im sure there are a few willing to out there.
  8. If you buy any glass that's worth a couple hundred dollars you aren't buying it so you have a tube to get high out of. You're buying it so you can have a piece of art that you appreciate that also makes smoking much more enjoyable.

    And as for your China tube being as smooth as a high quality dual chambered piece? I think not.

    I get what you're saying, there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars if you dont need it.

    But you dont need to spend hundreds to get quality glass. You can get an ssfg tube and ashcatcher for a little over $100
  9. 100% agreeable, but practicality is purely a subjective matter, and when it comes to quality and useability, I'd say the better glass is more practical.
  10. Doesn't even seem worth repairing..

  11. This. IMO it's ignorant to say that china glass is more financial friendly than quality glass because you can buy a quality tube for the same price as most china tubes.
  12. I remember asking for an answer, i dun really care bout reading bout dumasses point of views; so if you got an answer PM me

  13. The answer is NOT to buy another perc :p Haven't you learned they aren't worth a shit? You've already broken two!! :rolleyes:
  14. Ive had this bong for over 2 years now. I bought it for 75 - 80 dollars when it was on sale. Considering that i make mistakes and drop a perc or two is besides the point. The glass is 5 mm thick, so all of you retards that say its crap quality didnt even look at my posting but instead wanted some attention. Percolators are fragile and bottom line is i need another one, not something a sleep deprived asshole thinks up at 5:40 am on a Wednesday.
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    Actually, the glass of that tube isn't 5mm thick throughout the whole tube. It's 5mm at the mouthpiece, but the thickness of the glass tapers down to about 1-2mm throughout the whole tube. This right here shows that this tube is not a quality piece as you say it is. Not to mention it was made in china :rolleyes:

    You dismiss the fact that the perc has broken twice as nothing. But really, it just proves that the glass it's shitty quality IMO. I'd say that if you had an American Blower blow that same tube for you with the removable perc, you wouldn't have broken the perc as many times as you have.

    If you want a replacement perc for it, check iOffer, I've seen them on there before. Now that I mentioned this I can almost guarantee that you will find the product that I am referring to, and purchase it. But I really don't recommend this, and you're going to end up in this same very situation when this perc breaks.

    As of now, you have more money invested in the tube than it's worth. And for the same amount you have invested in the tube, you could have bought a MUCH MUCH nicer tube.

    I'm not looking for attention, I'm trying to help you make a more educated purchase the next time you make a glass investment. :cool: But since you have the mentality that you have more knowledge than me about the subject, you probably will make the less-wise decision of buying another low quality removable perc for your piece of shit tube.

    Each to their own :smoke:

  16. I wasnt talking about you, i was talking about the other quotes that are irrelevant to this subject. the bong hasnt broken and ive bumped it quite a few times, Weather it was made in china is besides the point to me I genuinely like my bong because it hasnt failed me yet. I agree with the permanent percolator, and thats what ill be looking for in my next bong, but i dont really know were to find a great quality one in my area.
    As for the finding an american blower, do you know any info on that? Or even how to go about finding one in my area (NYC)
  17. Um... NY Gifts?

  18. IMO, your tube has failed you since the perc has broken multiple times. Contact SSFG or Apix Design. Either one should be able to make that perc for you.

  19. Talking art wise I agree, but at the headshops I've been to around southern ontario you can get an artsy, worked and colorful no name bong for the same price as a simple straight tube/beaker bottom made by a brand name like Hoss, NG Nice, Gear, Roor (those are the most common around here in my experience). Also it's difficult to get a real brand name imo, 90% are fakes because 90% of headshops around my city are convenience stores lined with 5 dollar pipes and china glass.

    As for smoothness, it all depends on the bong with china glass, where as with brands it's consistent. My buddy has a nice 3 foot PURE Glass double 6arm tree w/9 slit diffused downstem and it hits nice as hell, knocks mine outta the water I have to admit.
  20. Are the artsy no name bongs you speak of China or just local artists? Cause buyin local glass is deff a good way to go.

    The brands you mentioned aren't very good brands in my eyes (I've read in more than one place that canada doesn't have that great of a selection in the headshops)

    I buy a lot of my glass online, directly from artists usually. I rarely buy from headshops due to the markup

    and I somewhat agree with your last statement, but i feel like more often than not, you're gonna get a janky product



    oh, and function wise, I think that two chambers is the most you need for flowers, unless you're smoking schwag. That's why I want stemlines and shit compared to china trees when it comes to percs

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