i have a ? plz read and tell me what u think its very important to me

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by the white rhino, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. I know i dont know anyone in here at all but i have to talk for a 2nd. its 7:45 am here in florida and i just had one of the most amazing nights of my life. I have been chillin with this chick for about 3 weeks now and she asked me if i would like to roll with her. (exctasy for those who dont know) and it was my 1st time ever doing it b4. i dont really get into drugs beyond weed and shrooms. but anyway we sat up and talked for like 6hrs. it was probably the most fun ive ever had and it made me able to get out the feeling that i truly have for the girl and she told me that she felt exactly the same way. she told me exactly what i wanted to hear. and i was just wondering if i should take it to heart or if she was just saying it because of the drugs. i know what that shit does to you but i dont know if it brings out real emotions or just someshit that sounds good to say at the time. so plz help me out. im gunna talk to her anyone to truly find out but i would really like to know what u guys think 1st.

  2. ask her how she\'s feelin\' in the cold light of day...wot\'s the worst that can happen?...just think wot u could be missin out on if you don\'t...you might regret it...but hey...you can\'t regret somethin\' you aint done...does that make sense?...bit monged...good luck
  3. what if you live twice tho?


    yah...ask her what she thinks (ive never done X...but if you just go for it and ask people what they think about you, you can be surprised)

  4. its the drugs.

    unless you hang out and get to know this girl!

    you did say, you know what this drug does to you...well then, how much of all the talk can you take to *heart*?

    ...dont. I know, it sounded great, and all kinds of good to you, but you cant sew that on your sleeve all to quickly!

    you gotta find out what this girl is really about...if you think its more than find out..find out for real, for true..who knows, you all couldve bonded over a great friendship..but sounds like nothing worth losin! :)
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