I have a neighbor problem. . .

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  1. . . . Which is pretty much unsolvable, but sort of funny in an ironic way.

    So, the neighbor who lives behind me likes to party. He throws a full on party complete with disco ball and lighting effects on average about 2 and a half days a week. One week he'll party twice, the next three times, the next maybe four times or once.... there's not a lot of rhyme or reason to it. He's been doing this for the fifteen years I've lived here, and did so for ten years or more before that. I know this because there was an ongoing war between him and his next door neighbors that ultimately ended with them moving out, which was a shame. Before they moved out he only partied once or twice a week!

    Regardless, my plants are relegated to one small corner of my yard that blocks the fucking thirty strings of lights he has festooning his yard.

    The irony? He grows his own weed. hahahahaha. Last week he told me "I'm gonna plant five plants along the back fence. I was rolling a joint by the fence and five seeds popped out, so I'll plant em there." His weed is always totally hermied. I tried to advise him about basic good growing practices last year. His response was, "I don't have any problem growing weed. It grows just fine!" Then he profferred me a bowl of his 'bud', which was reminiscent of the $10 an ounce brick weed I used to get back in the 70's.

    I don't think there's an answer to this guy. He doesn't give a shit about what anybody thinks about anything. He figures himself to be a genius, and he knows he knows better, or if he doesn't already know it, it's not worth knowing.

    I just hope his plants don't fuck mine up.
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  2. Lol hmmmm lil herbicide on the males should do the trick, nah jk that’s ruff
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  3. Tell him you have some great fucking weed and offer him some feminized good weed (or clones).

    Remember, Alfred the Great had to pay the Danes to stay away.
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  4. Yeah, I'm not about to go Round Up on his plants. Funny idea though. lol
  5. I’d just wait and then one day tell him if u see any be like bro u got some balls over ur side the fence lol
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  6. Last year I gave him Platinum OG and Gelato clones. That's when I tried to give him some basic growing advice. He knows the basic watering regimen, and doesn't much bother about anything else. :confused_2: His call, I guess.
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  7. Unfortunately, you can't fix stupid.
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  8. Your neighbor sounds like a fun guy. Lighten up bud
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  9. Sounds like a really cool neighbor, but I'd still be worried AF that his plants would pollinate mine. Maybe have him take a look at your plants versus his. Once you see a true female in full bud, you can't go back!!
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  10. If he wont listen to reason, his plants will listen to a solution of caustic soda and water. They'll listen overnight. Cool neighbour or otherwise...to me it actually sounds like he doesn't respect his neighbours given how close he lives...I'd hate living next to that regardless of how nice at face value he was.
    You've given him information.
    There's males. Females. Hermies. Two of those three things will fuck your efforts and your plants.
    Him ignoring the information when it effects only him is fine, when it's effecting you? Uncool...especially when you've pointed it out to him.
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  11. YES!! THANK YOU!! (I was trying to be nice about it - lol)
  12. So assuming you live where it's legal to grow.....its still illegal to damage someone elses property
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    IMO it's legal for me to grow 12 male plants outside on purpose and you better not come damage my property..
    It's not what I want but I think I could do it and you couldn't stop me..

    I had this conversation with someone trying to boss me around about my plants and I told them I'll pollinate the whole town if I want to and to go ahead and do something about it..

    Hope anti-weed activists don't get the idea..
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  14. Exactly.....isnt freedom great
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  15. I have some liquid ass... think that would work? Hmm... guess not, he'd probably brag about how stinky his plants were getting. haha
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  16. You may think dozens of people getting shitfaced by your backyard multiple times a week for fifteen years is fun. I don't.

    I don't know what you mean by 'lighten up.' This is the first I've mentioned this to anyone outside my house in 15 years. How much more lightening up do you think is appropriate?
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  17. Had issues with the knob next door, just general noise, loud music and a lack of respect to anything, and everything.

    It's funny how ever since I told him I'd smash his skull in with a blunt instrument, he's been a bit quieter.

    Some people only understand one language.

    Salt his garden.
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  18. Lol think he was talkin bout the other guy lighting up

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  19. OMG! be quiet already! lol
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