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I Have A Medicinal Marijuana Card And I Got A Ticket? Ca?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Garrett9870, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. (In California) We were sitting in my friends car in front of a park after dark ~10:15 at night. We were parked across from my house on the other sides of the park. I guess a neighbor called the cops because they just got broken into. Cops show up and gave my friend a ticket for transporting weed when the engine wasnt on and and we werent smoking. There was just weed in the car. How do the laws apply to him since he has a medical card. Also the cop wouldnt let my friend say he doesnt consent searches of his car.
    On top of that the cop made fun of my friend because his diagnosis was anxiety.

  2. You have two options.. 
    1.Go to court and waste your time
    2.Deal with those dicks and pay the ticket
    Also you should probably change the title since it says you have a MMJ card and got a ticket when it was your friend
    Another thing... stop reposting this.
  3. Pretty much what Sonterp said. Provided your bud has a valid MJ card and you weren't over the legal amount to be carried in a vehicle, you're in the clear. Would definitely be worth a trip to court if that's the case.

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