I Have A Medicinal Marijuana Card And I Got A Ticket? Ca?

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  1. (In California) We were sitting in my friends car in front of a park after dark ~10:15 at night. We were parked across from my house on the other sides of the park. I guess a neighbor called the cops because they just got broken into. Cops show up and gave my friend a ticket for transporting weed when the engine wasnt on and and we werent smoking. There was just weed in the car. How do the laws apply to him since he has a medical card. Also the cop wouldnt let my friend say he doesnt consent searches of his car.
    On top of that the cop made fun of my friend because his diagnosis was anxiety.

  2. If he's got a card, the case will most likely be dismissed in court
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    I expect these type of incidents to increase tenfold over the next several years in Cali until they clean up their mmj system. If I was a cop in Cali I would probably be getting fed up with all abuse of the system that is allowed in that state.

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  4. Your thread title says "I got a ticket" and then it changes to "gave my friend a ticket". So, you both got a ticket? Him? You?
    Anyhow, whoever got a ticket just needs to provide proof of docs rec to the court. As for laughing at anxiety, that cop likely knows all to well that 90% of card holders 25 and under are depressed anxiety-prone insomniacs with backaches.
  5. It's none of the cops business what your ailment is.
  6. Your medical conditions are nobody's business but your own, and your Doc.

    I believe it's discrimination under fed law if you ask that question of a disabled person without cause.

    Remember though, the cops will act however they want to, regardless of existing law; they act first, reflect (maybe) later; it's their training. Don't make a big fuss, keep your mouth shut, and when you speak be respectful-- treat cops as you would wish to be treated. When they show up in court to defend their actions (if they show up at all), your lawyer can tear them a new one, in a judicial venue, with a judge sitting right over them.
    Don't try to be Perry Mason when you're pulled over on the side of the road-- it almost always turns out poorly...
  7. Good luck, but this pretty well exemplifies why you don't sit in a car with weed after dark on a piece of public land.
    "Time and place."

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