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I have a low tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Insomniac13, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. First off, I'm not complaining! I love it being able to rip my one hitter 1-3 times and get high. Convenient as hell when you're being sneaky about it :D But I'm just wondering, are there certain habits that develop your tolerance quicker? Because I've been smoking for a little while, 15 months plus, and I still have super low tolerance. I light up anywhere between once every two weeks and three times in one week, it varies a lot. During the summer more frequently and regularly.
  2. Well as long smoking does not become a daily thing your tolerance will stay fairly low

  3. Basically this. If you've been doing it for 15 months and it hasn't really gone up, just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine.
  4. Smoking more could help or just keep trying
  5. Why would you want a higher tolerance? The higher your tolerance, the more money you waste.
  6. same here. one hit and i'm cooked. just took one hit of thunderf*ck and am right about as high as i want to be. actually right on the edge.
  7. I think its more to do with the amount smoked than the frequency.

    I've been smoking multiple times daily for years and still get high from a few hits same as I did years ago.

    I believe it's because I rarely smoke more than .2 at a time it's just not needed I get plenty high.
  8. Same with me man 8D i love it! I've been smoking for almost a year and my tolerance has barely went up at all. Its an amazing thing :D

  9. You answered your own Q, bro ;)

  10. Would that be Alaskan (Matanuska) Thunderfuck by any chance?
  11. I smoke a week straight every other week so mines fairly low.
  12. I've been getting high each night for 2 years and one big rip from my vape still gets me where i want to be
  13. don't think so. doesn't have all the crystals that are supposed to be on matanuska, people call this atf for some reason. this is the best i've smoked so far. if its not atf i'd like to know what it really is. some good shiet :D

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