I have a lot of space

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  1. ok i have a lot of space but i only want to grow 1-3 plants.

    heres the space that i have to work with (its in the back of a trailer if you wanted to know)




    as you can see there are two windows on both sides and i have blinds for them.

    i would like to know if i need any ventilation, like leave a window open or get a fan?
    and what kind of lighting i should use like maybe some floro tubes?

    remember right now i would only like to grow 1-3 plants.
  2. Id fill that space with about 64 plants under a 400HPS

  3. 64 plants under a 400 hps? that would be like trying to light the world with a lighter
  4. no it wouldnt,
    4 plants per squar foot,
    4'x4' start with well rooted clones,
    veg for 3 days just so the roots catch a little,
    then throw them babies in bud,
    ensures max yeild, and your garden will opperate more efficiently.
    Sea of Green..........I stand by it 100%
    check out some of my threads
  5. No Way.....
    SOG.....is the ONLY way to go for max yield
    anything else is just growin' some pot :cool:
    For grams per watt... per sq. ft..per light hours....it can't be beat
  6. so are you gonna try it out or what?
    youll prolly get a little over a pound if ya do it like the pros say here @ the City
  7. i probably wont try it cause im a n00b and ill just end up killing them all.
    i would like to just try and grow 1-3 plants then if those are a success ill probably grow a bigger crop next time.
  8. Ok then, DrBudGreengenes is the master cfl grower, get him on the hook, cause he'd be the go to guy for this topic.

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