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  1. okay so i just posted a thread talking about my new baby sprout, and it was answered, thank you mashed. But now i have a new question, is my little guy still to young to put the light that i have on it i have a 150W 120V flood light, but its only the one little guy, is this bright enough? It also gets a little warm, is this gonna hurt my little guy if it gets to hot, i put my hand under it and my hands not unconfortable, but i dont know if my baby will be.(i've included a pic of the light) and my baby is here http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=90617

    thanx ur fellow grower


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  2. hi mate what type of light is it hps mh if neither of these i wouldnt use it
  3. okay so i did some reasearch on my light and i have decided to not use it, it is a halogen light and they get to hot. i have moved my little baby out in the sun for the day hopefully the weather stays nice for a couple of weeks so my little baby can grow, when it reaches around 6 inches its goin in the ground... thanx for the help every1 (mashed) ill start a journal when i get more pics.

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