I have a job interview as a probation officer tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by dickens cider, May 13, 2010.

  1. haha. Juvenille probation. If you guys piss dirty for pills I'll totally rat you out, but weed is cooll.


    wish me luck. Kinda? Don't judge me fellows. The shit sounds fun, and I think I could probably help some kids who really do have problems.
  2. Good luck man. I wouldn't mind a job doing this.
  3. just dont be messin with kids over weed. you sound like a good person though, we need more like you in LEO/related areas.
  4. I recomend, not to simply rat someone out, but understand the individual and understand his need for a high.

    Putting someone in more hard by telling on them will not necessarily solve the problem, more chance to completely fuck the individual up though.

    choose your odds, understand the people.


  5. Nobody "needs" a high...and if they do then they need to get their priorities straight

    What they need is a lesson in moderation and self-control, which is exactly what probation is about.

    I've said it a million times on this forum: don't act like an idiot, use some common sense, and you'll never get caught.
  6. Pobation Officer!?

    Traitor. :mad:
  7. in any other economic situation, i'd call you a hypocrite.

    But shit, a job's a job. Good luck bro!
  8. seriously, if you can drop your ego and just walk away from stupid situations which you can't control, you'll be in the clear your whole life. it's always the people that stay around which get in trouble w/ the law.

    anyways, probation officer? gc member? what's the world coming too.

    have fun, sounds like it would be slack.
  9. OMG, I read the title of this post and couldn't stop laughing.

    "The award for Most Ironic Post of the Year goes to...":D

    Good luck with it. It's hilarious to me because I can't stop thinking about the 70's show episode where Kelso ran off to become a cop. ROFL...
  10. OP just got...

  11. qft :smoke:
  12. You do realize part of being a probation officer means being privy to what the current sociological studies say about crime rates, recidivism, corrections and restoration techniques i.e. things that stem from nothing other than the social sciences, which you have professed, on this very forum, to have an extreme disdain for, right?

    You're a strange character Dickens Cider
  13. come to Houston so you can be my probation officer:rolleyes:

    ive yet to meet him/her:confused:
  14. I know someone that was a PO for DYC for almost 10 years and would go to work baked all the time. Many of the other POs smoke weed, and had tripped shrooms and done coke. I went to many of their parties which was funny because many of them were my friends POs when I was in high school. I don't want to revel all of their secrets... but they had a lot of them. :eek:
  15. i used to know a PO that sold my buddy weed on the regular and was also a coach at my old high school.
  16. haha looks like the bull just got caught with his pants around his ankles.
  17. i suppose we can now solidify your inferiority for deciding to work in a social science field
  18. Damn, people are ripping OP a new one.

    So what? It's a job. From what I've read many people on here don't even have one right now.

    I would take it. Pays the bills, why the hell not?

    But... it is a bit hypocritical :p

  19. Good luck man, its a good job and once you land it you can really make a positive affect. Hope you get it :D

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