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i have a huge problem

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankwanted, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. because of my situation i can no longer use marijuana as a money making device so i have no extra cash

    i used to get blazed whenever i felt like it, but now i am forced to only smoke about a joint :( (half gram):mad: and im really pissed

    ive thought about growing but because parents regularly come up to visit and i have such a small apartment i dont see it being possible

    im running out of bud and ideas pretty quick, i dont want to just give up, i want to be stoned as often as i feel like lighting one up

    if anyone has any suggestions on how to help me out please let me know

    i cant really get a job because i go to school and travel back home on the weekends to go see my girlfriend, and im trying to think of a way if it would be possible to get a closet grow, but because my parents come so often and they own the place i would have a hard time taking the plants in and out

    so please help me i want to get stoned again everyday, not just a buzz before i go to sleep, and i know i sound picky but i really need help if anyone can, dont just talk shit, that wont help:mad:
  2. How do you pay your rent n other bills?
  3. maybe i should have been more specific about that part

    im in college living about three hours from home, my parents bought a house with three apartments in the back yard, i have two sisters and one lives in the house and the other lives in the big apartment and i live in a little one under hers. so i dont pay for rent food or anything else and with my actual spending money i can only afford maybe a half gram a day

    i barely get a buzz off that and i want to get high every day
  4. get a part time job
  5. lol jeez man, i thought you were talking like you couldn't even afford food or rent or anything. at least you can still afford to get high at some point everyday. a lot of people don't even have that luxury, so i dunno if this should be classified as a "huge" problem. more like an inconvenience.
  6. Just plan it out real well and I bet you could do a small closet grow. If your parents are 3 hours away...I don't suppose your sisters would be cool with it though huh.
  7. i can see where this might not seem like a huge problem but with everything changing in my life i wanted one thing to stay the same you know
    so to me this is huge

    my sisters wouldnt really care and their opinion would probably be just not let my dad find out

    i just dont know where i would put the plants when they would come to visit
  8. Well why would your parents be looking in your closet everytime they come to visit? Go for a closet grow and just dont let your parents look in your closet.
  9. ok in my closet it is long and narrow and there are stairs over it so it goes down to the ground. so as a place to actually grow i have a triangle. probably could only fit one plant of regular height and two very small ones

    what strains would be the best for this

    would lowryder be good here or just a waste of time
  10. If I were you i wouldnt smoke a half g a day, id just smoke only 3 or four times a week, but smoke more. Maybe think about that.
  11. :smoking: see that raises a good point i havent really looked at, i just smoked my little ass retarded joint.

    oh and this as well ill ive been smoking for a few years now and this is the first year ive smoked every day, so i would like to keep this up maybe thats why i never really thought of only smoking 3-4 times a week

    im pretty set in my ways about smoking every day, i dont like to pass up a day, although it is rather simple i just quit thinking about it, but life is too short to not live and be stoned at least once every day

    i guess ill try a small closet grow, but i need the right plant, and ive researched so many different types that it clouds my mind and is almost impossible to choose. i really am thinking of lowryder crosses. but im having a harder time finding them, i only could find one site that sold lowryder crosses but i do not know if it is reliable or not

    any suggstions will be greatly appreciated as this is a real concern to me, i am on regularly so i will answer you very quickly if you make me a good point or suggestion

    pm me if you need my source of seed to see if it is good or not

    peace you guys:wave:
  12. Where do you live? If you live near some woods heres what you do, find a nice secluted place out in the woods where you do think anyone will find your stuff, dont worry about light right now. If you find a spot back far enough in the woods that no one will bother you dig a controlled fire pit in the ground with a shovel and start a fire and watch it for a couple hours. After 4-5 hours most all of the leaves on the trees above you should have died off and you should have a good amount of light. If you live in a warm climate go ahead and fill that fire pit with soil and start growing, if you live in a state with some harsh winters that all i can say is you have to wait to frost is gone so get a part time job or someone that will smoke you out for free :). As for indoor growing all i can say is i can understand why you cant do it, if you have any good friends that live around you with a house or unvisited apartment, maybe they can help you out. Hope you can understand this and it helps.
  13. Well, If you grow you will still be smokin your half a gram or whatever a day for months till you harvest.

    I really am interested in WHY you cant 'give away' weed anymore?
  14. dump your gf find a new girl at college
  15. you dont happen to be in the northeast do you?

    i havent seen profitable or smokeable dank product in months.
  16. get a job at a grocery store/or any where for 15-20 hours a week during the weekdays and just say u got to work around ur school schedule and cant do weekends

  17. work sucks, id rather risk an indo grow than get paid slave labor
  18. well many options to go with
    im not sure which one

    huh? im puzzled,
    im thinking really hard about lowryder, but my main concern is can you make more seeds out of it because it only has a vegetative stage?

    and i am currently looking for smoking partners in my area
    but its harder than you would think, im on that damn myspace thing to try and find someone in my school to smoke

  19. yes u can make seeds out of it... how do u think they make crosses :p... lowryder is good, i think its about 18" tall at harvest from what ive heard... i think it has a low smell also, but im not sure...
  20. Instead of looking at lowryder crosses, I'd try some LST or SOG in your closet (seeing as how you have limited space). Both can yeild some amazing results..

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