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I have a high moment, do you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Imakebongs, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Well. The name just about sums it up. Ever since I first started smoking vie had these moments, whenever I smoke enough, and I was wondering how many other people had them, or if it was just me.

    Basically, when I smoke enough and sit still I'll begin to fall asleep, but instead of going to sleep fully I'll go into analmost REM like state, but it feels like having an orgasm while going straight down on a roller coaster. (it feels like it, but no, I don't cum, so please don't post stupid shit about it...)

    The entire thing lasts probably three or four minutes. After I'm done with my moment I just wake up and continue as normal. If I smoke enough then I can have anywhere from one to about ten of the moments before I start to come down, based upon how much I smoke.

    Like one time when I smoked a bowl packed with almost two grams with a friend, but he only took like two or three hits, and I got like twenty. After we finnished with the bowl he rolled a blunt, because he wasn't as high as he wanted to be, and we shared it. I was gone afterwards, and had ten plus moments.

    The question is, like I said before, Does anyone else have these moments? Happy smoking!:smoke:
  2. Thanks for shearing your story :)

    I also have a story i want to share.
    At about 4am i smoked some weed not alot, And I went into my room laid down on my back
    and i start getting a slow numbing feeling through my hole body, Then a vibration start going through my front lobe (head) and it start spreading throughout my hole body, and after i felt like i was sinking through my bed, I did not move, my eyes were closed and i seen a real bright light getting closer and closer, I left really free, really calm and safe like never befor!
    But the closer i got to the light the more i fell from reality, and my heart stopped beating when the light filled my eyes, but for some reason when i was going into the light i got scared of something, I don't know what but when i got back into my body my heart start PUMPing out of my chest.

    And i tried to go back into this feeling but i just cant, i really miss it! anyone ever get this? :confused: I will keep blazin until i find the weed. And im really high sorry if i made mistakes or bad gramer, English is not my first language :smoke:
  3. Hell yeah bro i get those "moments" too. There insane. takes alllot of weed tho
  4. You're kind of just amplifying meditation with bud.

    Check out lucid dreaming. I love getting toasted and doing the watch technique to get into a lucid dream. Doesn't work all the time, but it's pretty awesome.
  5. yeah dude havent done it in a while but its really fun.. people just looked at me like i was a complete idiot but i didnt really care haha
  6. yeah if i look at the same thing and forget my surroundings. but ever since last summer i did a thing not allowed on this forumn and now whenever im high in my head theres this little blue glowing mushroom guy with a smileyface named shribiy lol
  7. Ahhh! That happens to me too. It's like a super-orgasm in fuzzy colourful space. It's the best fucking thing ever. For some reason in my head I call it "disappearing", but when I'm that high, nothing I say is going to make much sense. Hahaha, what the fuck am I even talking about? :smoke:
    My friend and I once sat on the couch listening to music for at least an hour, just tripping out forever (and YES I hesitate to use that word but idk how else to describe it). It was fabulous
  8. Wow, I'm surprised to get so many people who have the same thing, I thought I was the only one. When mine start it's always with my eyes shutting, followed by everything shakeing left and right, but not side to side, more like THIS: \ /.

    Also, mattsta, two things...

    1. Your grammar was not bad until you apologized for your grammar... Ironic, huh?

    2. I've found that whenevr I smoke I can have a moment, just one near the peak of the high, but if you smoke more then you will have more and they will feel better. If you really like the feeling and want to experience it more then you should do what I did.

    I went ut and began searching for different types of smokes toamplify the feeling, and I found K2. It isn't real weed, it's made from natural plants, but they spray them with a chemical that is like THC, but isn't. It's like ten times more powerful, but a different high. It's also really bad for you after prolonged use, so don't go crazy with it.

    You can buy three gram packs at the gas station near my house for twenty dollars, and it takes about half of one to give me INSANE moments. It will give me like ten of them, and they last FOREVER!

    Just take note that K2 is bad for your heart, can be addictive if used for more than a week or two continuously, and can cause cancer, meaning that it's cool to smoke K2 ever week or two, but you shouldn't use it every day. Equally, if you plan on smoking more than half a pack in one day you shouldn't roll blunts with it, because it is bad for your heart.

    With my friend I smoked about a pack a day for almost a month, and I haven't had any harm done, but you should still watch put, but it is the best way to have a moment, so try it, BUT IN MODERATION! And make sure to get lots of air between hits, and don't smoke more than half a pack by yourself...

    Sorry about the lecture, but I just want you guys to know what I'm recommending you smoke, as well as the risks. It isn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but it helps to be educated... Try it if you want, I really do recommend it, but be careful.:smoke:

  9. Just looked it up, that's inrpteresting stuff man, +rep for being so helpful and giving me an interesting read. I like things like that, so thanks a lot!:smoke:
  10. #10 Mattsta, Oct 3, 2010
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    Also i found out if your weed is laced with ketamine you can get the effects.
    Read :smoke:

    Edit: My dealer told me he sometimes laced his weed with Pcp or ketamine but you gotta asks if you want laced weed, it will just cost a little more.
  11. lol my friend gets these. when we get realllllly high, sometimes he just sits there and closes his eyes and he says he sees amazing shit. He calls it watching TV. then when that moments over he wakes back up and thats the commercials until he goes back.
  12. #12 JustinCredible, Oct 3, 2010
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    i get this, but i havent really let myself fully fall into it, feels like im about to fall backwards into another dimension, one day ill have to let myself go in all the way

    its like an all out body orgasm almost, it feels like the effects of MDMA (stay green)
  13. YES. One time, after smoking a couple bong bowls with a friend, I was just sitting there on the couch while it was his turn to play MW2. I closed me eyes, and all of the sudden it seemed like gravity changed. I just let go of my senses, ignored the sound of machine gun rattles coming from the TV, and I immersed myself within my mind. I rose up, up, up and even further. Now, I've never been to space, but I can only assume that this is the closest I will get to the feeling....because I could have sworn I was leaving the earth's atmosphere.
  14. this is some crazy shit- usually my moment just makes me want to get up and dance

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