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I have a half ounce of low mids, but I cant get high :( help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vash92, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Well...

    As of last night, when my neighbor smoked me out with some real private reserve from L.A... I cant get high anymore off regular weed from the clinics in Riverside County.

    Which leads me to my next question... I have about a half ounce of mids and a mother who (while tolerating my medical usage) would not be cool with me making hash or some shit on the stove in the kitchen downstairs.

    What would be the best way to use this weed, if I wanna... "up".. the potency.

    (btw im mildly high right now, but not high enough :/)
  2. Hold off from smoking for a couple of days then try them.
  3. Buy butane and do a simple bho rinse or get iso alcohol and do qwiso. All can be done w/o heat.
  4. gravity bong. I've made low mids wipe me out from a huge gravity bong
  5. How about making some firecrackers? They really dont smell the house up. Grind up a shit load and make a few firecrackers. They'll be disgusting though.

    OR why don't you just wait until she leaves and make some bud butter? Then all you need to do is hide the butter while it hardens. Once its done you can make some cookies or browines or whatever you want.

    OR you could just roll up some fatty blunts and take em' to the head.
  6. Ide love to do some cooking shit, or some sort of easy extraction to get a concentrate....

    How complicated is the iso alcohol thing? Because I know there are some harmful chemicals in iso if its not rinsed/evaporated properly and what not.... and I know I cant vape it for this reason....

    Its all just soo complicated :(
  7. ... and "Above the Influence" commercial comes on the TV....

    Now im depressed, cuz it was a good one lmao.
  8. Which one was this one? I remember watching one with a boy and a girl that looked like they were dating and it basically said you can't have this type of relationship if you do drugs.

    Ya right!
  9. it was the one with the drunk bitch, but it was like... extended super edition, and it went on with her crying and shit for like a minute thirty.
  10. Hash, brownies, oils several options to choose.
  11. Either snort that shit or mainline it, only options.

    Seriously though, take a little break, come back and smoke it.

    Its mids man, it takes more to get you high.

    If you can, you should make some cookies or brownies or something. Just wait till your mom is out of the house.
  12. G-bong a gram and tell us how you're feeling.

  13. Booty bump might work too :D

    I suggest t-break. Will do wonders. Even for a few days.
  14. Thats why they call it the gateway drug home slice

  15. If you can't use many facilitates to do it, just get a grinder with a kief screen and use gravity bongs and when you have enough kief get a kief press and make some pucks of it.
  16. You gotta move on to crack man

  17. If it is only mids, chances are its not going to get you high, unless you bake it. If you can't make edibles- idk trade it for a small amnt of headys and smoke that....

  18. mids=headache
  19. [ame=]I Couldn't Get High- Slightly Stoopid - YouTube[/ame]

    put this on while smoking a 3 gram blunt, you'll get high ;)

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