I have a guestion about the carrier oils in vapes. Are they still allowing propylene glycol ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Vrnzjwl, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. Propylene glycol was said to Cause popcorn long. This term was created due to people who worked in microwave popcorn factories getting this lung disorder. I know when I vape i feel like it hits me in the lungs more and the feeling hangs on. When I smoke it feel like I can breathe better. Weird I know. I just worry about getting COPD...I do like the convenience of vaping better.
  2. Man big tobacco's manipulation of the media to convince people that vaping is worse than combustion really did a number on society
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  3. I know the media isn't to be trusted. I'm definitely not a sheep that follows blindly. Just wondering about that carrier oil and if by some chance it had been changed.
  4. Sorry I was a bit of a dick there but yeah I think it's still largely used in nicotine vapes but I don't think in weed carts really. I did find this article https://hightimes.com/guides/whats-inside-weed-cartridge/ and recently bought a cart where it has cannabinoids and terps listed but no mention of propylene glycol and says no inactive ingredients.

    My original comment was to say that combustion has inherently more carcinogens and unless it's an unfair comparison (IE someone smoking weed vs someone vaping vitamin E acetate which should never be vaped) smoking will be more dangerous. Unfortunately when people died from carts cut with bullshit oils these facts got blurred and mishmashed to the point where many now think "vaping is more dangerous than smoking" across the board when in reality it's almost always the opposite.
  5. Thank you very much for this info, wish we didn't have to be concerned but I realized this isn't a field that's protected by the FDA :D And I will check that link out!! And you weren't being a "dick" lol...I totally got what you were saying :)
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