I Have A Growers License/How Safe Is Safe

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PuffPuffGive, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Hey All,
    I reside in the US. I am able to obatin a cannabis license to grow and buy at my local cannabis club. What I really wanted to know is how safe is it ? since I have a license to grow it with a license will they still fuck wit me ? FBI, DEA, shit like. Is there anybody here in the US can tell me more ? I rather play it on the safe side yah know ? I really don`t want to be bottie poped from no big giant but pirate.
  2. I forgot to mention I live in California.
  3. http://www.norml.org

    Go here to check your states penalties. If you have an MM card then everything is legal, as long as you're registered in the state you reside.
  4. Vato,
    Thnxs for the reply. I am getting the license were I can grow 72 and 72 clones I think ??? or something liek that.
  5. np...good luck and be careful with that
  6. Greg,
    I thought the Cannabis was shut down in the City ? SF that is. I know they raided Los Angles Cannabis.
  7. im no expert, but i think as long as your careful, and have a hidden type of grow area, you should be fine, just dont let anybody know about it
  8. i have heard two things. one is that there was a guy in cali that had a medical marijuana lisence and was growing it but got busted anyway.totally disregarded the card. i also have heard in some places that people can smoke on the side of the street and if a cop rolls by its cool. i guess it kinda depends where you live
  9. dont grow it on your front porch just because you have the card, or they will probably fuck with you just to be assholes, even if it is legal. So in short... keep it hidden
  10. Federal law supersides all state laws. Just because a state says okay, doesn't mean shit to the Feds. You CAN be sent to prison for longer than a murderer or rapist would be sent for. I have read numerous articles on it, but I didn't save any. You better do a search and read old news articles on the web.

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